Help me pick Dave Wilson stone fruit for late summer near Sacramento

Here’s the list that I’m choosing from:

My mother-in-law has a big harvest gap after her Satsuma plums until the Asian pears are ready and then the persimmons. (maybe she has some grapes in late summer, I don’t remember when they are ripe).

I plan to drive up this weekend and buy something at Lemuria nursery off of I-80 near Dixon, CA. They have lots of Dave Wilson bare root trees, I bought a Fuyu Jiro persimmon there in 2018.

Any comments about Flavor King pluot, Flavor Punch pluerry, or Zee Glow nectarine? Anything else on the list worth considering? I don’t think I will be able to organize other shopping trips or mail order this year, this is an easy stop for me.

Our preference: something that is definitely later than Satsuma plum and if it keeps well on the tree that would be good. And something that sets fruit well and that will produce soon. My mother-in-law is good at growing trees and watering when needed, but she doesn’t like to thin fruit. She has also has a Santa Rosa plum that could be a pollinator for something

About taste/species, there are several people in the family with different preferences. Personally I don’t like the Satsuma plums most years, not very much taste.
Thanks for your recommendations/advice in the past.

I like Flavor King and being fairly late,might work.Also Flavor Grenade Pluot and Emerald Beaut Plum,with the latter hanging on and getting sweeter as it goes.
I was going to suggest Flavor Supreme Pluot,because of early ripening and the flavor can be so good,but they don’t set a lot of fruit sometimes.
Another one is Geo Pride Pluot and the harvest is earlier than Satsuma,about mid to late July.

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You might throw in a Fairtime Peach. I have had tons of success with it, and I am in Sunset zone 14 like your mother-in-law.

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Thanks to both of you. Fairtime Peach is really late! When does it fruit for you? Thinking about it helped me figure out that I really do want something that is much later, something for late August or evenSeptember

Have you seen dwn chart?

Figs, grapes, and passion fruit can fit in that window as well

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Yes I have seen that chart, the dates on the chart are different than the dates in the individual tree descriptions but you can get an idea of the order.

Thanks for the idea about passion fruit I will look into that and maybe figs.

Reliably in September for Fairtime. Of course I am a bit peached-out by September, but they are very welcome. In 2019, last fruit taken Oct 10th. Last year, most fruits were doubled…thinned those off. Started harvest Sept 9th, ended Sept 20th. Some years the taste is a bit astringent.

Thank you again. Her only peach is a six year old Cresthaven (I think that’s what it is) which isn’t very tasty. Maybe it would be better if she thinned it. I think it fruits in early July. She also has a three year old Jade nectarine which is delicious and much earlier.

Then the old Santa Rosa plum and the old Satsuma plum in July and maybe early August

I ended up getting a Flavor King pluot and a Zee glow nectarine. Other people were involved in the decision. Maybe we will try some more trees in a couple years. She has plenty of room after taking out some tall deciduous trees

Update on the trees: the Zee Glow nectarine is growing well and set about 15 fruits (I removed most of them), lots of thrip damage. She gets thrips on her bigger Jade necatrine, most years they still taste pretty good.

The Flavor King hasn’t grown much but looks healthy, it set one fruit.