Help me pick persimmon varieties to graft onto D. Lotus

Help! I’d like some suggestions on some types of persimmons that can be gradted onto D. Lotus rootstock. Sadly i had a coffee cake grafted onto it and it didn’t make it through its third winter. The rootstock has suckered very nicely and I’d like to try a few grafts on it. What varieties would you suggest and why? Im in zone 7A of that helps.

My understanding is that lotus will accept both the American persimmon as well as the Asian kaki (or even hybrids) — so the choices are wide open. You might want to check out the recent threads on persimmons, there’re many varieties being discussed. Do you have any particular qualities that you are interested in?

Fuyu famously is incompatible with D. lotus. I’ve heard that many of the Pollination Constant Non-Astringent varieties are also incompatible, the major exception being Jiro. But that general PCNA incompatibility is contested. I think Izu is probably not very happy on lotus.
But the astringent varieties, Saijo & Hachiya, etc. should do well on lotus. I hear that Americans do well on lotus and I have a bunch of young grafts of Americans and hybrids currently doing well, so far so good.
So… if you like a non-astringent Asian, go with Jiro.

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For what its worth, I’ve had Hachiya killed twice (different trees, different winters) from cold in zone 7a. Of course that is just me and my location (which borders 6b) but I thought it worth mentioning. Meanwhile I’ve had 3 Saijo for 5,7, and 9 years respectively and never had winter loss. Plus, I think they taste better! (subjective, of course)

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I love persimmons period so i was looking for a good assortment. I want to do another coffee cake. Might try Jiro and Saijo but want to try an American or two and a hybrid as well. Just fishing for opinions as there as so many varities available its almost overwhelming!