Help me with a blue berry disease

This will be my third year of growing blueberries. Last summer I had a large brunch suddenly die (flagging). One bush had young berries which dried and aborted ( mummy berry?). This spring I had many dead brown branches and brown tips which cannot be explained as winter kill. I removed as much dead wood as I can. I sprayed with dormant spray of copper and oil twice in the spring. Now when the blueberries are flowering I see that the tips of the branches are turning brown and also I see cankers on the stems with whitish spots. I identified this disease as Phomopsis canker and twig blight but of cause it might be something else. Unfortunately I cannot find how to prevent these diseases and what fungicides to use. My blueberry plantings were quite successful and they are flowering really good now. I would like to make an effort to protect these bushes. So the question to the more experienced members of this forum: What fungicides do you use to protect your blueberries and what is your schedule to apply them. Are there any general easy to buy fungicides that I can use?

Two things, with a disclaimer: I have had blueberries for just 2 years, so I don’t claim to be an expert!

  1. Are you sure you have the correct varieties for your area, and that these varieties have been bred for disease resistance? I know in the humid SE, where I live, blueberries are often recommended as (relatively) trouble free crops–probably one of the few here that you usually don’t have to spray in the homeowner setting. If you have the right varieties, is the soil and everything appropriate for them? (That is, the conditions are right to produce strong, healthy berries?). Stressed plants are more vulnerable to disease.

(And please forgive my presumption asking these questions! They are just the first place I’d start, just to make sure, and are not in any way implying you are a bad or neglectful grower! This is more of a “make sure” thing.)

  1. I have spray schedules for the SE (where I live) but not sure if it would be helpful to you. Your local extension office might have a specific answer for you of exactly what you should spray and when for your local climate. But I looked for you and couldn’t find anything specific to Nebraska, but did find this for Missouri (a little closer to you than I am).

It seems for mummy berry and stem blight they recommend captan, captan, and more captan. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best of luck to you.

The only thing that is recommended for Nebraska is corn, corn and more corn :slight_smile:,
As if nothing else can not be grown here. I grow blueberries in a row with acidic soil, I checked pH yesterday it was around 5.5. and I fertilize and acidify regularly. Thank you for the reference. It seems clear enough how to apply, so it means that I need to find Captain. Are there any in-store products with Captain available?

Bonide makes a product called just “Captan” and this is a brand I have seen in Home Depot and Lowes. The bottle looks like this:

Of course, there’s many more formulations available online, but if you want to buy at a big box store, that might be your best bet.

Good luck.

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