Help! My pear tree is dying

I have a forty year old pear tree that I cut down to about 6 feet height last year. It had a lot of dead wood, which I incorrectly assumed was from fire blight.
This tree would never have been sprayed or pruned. Alan Haigh suggested it might probably be Psylla. It is in the slow pear decline mode and being devastated. 100% of the foliage and shoots are affected.
I treated it with Imidicloprid which temporarily helped, but for various reasons I can’t keep re-using it. I’m losing the battle and don’t know what to do at this juncture. ![pear blight May 31 2021|640x867] pear blight 2 May 31 2021 pear blight 3 May 31 2021 (upload://2oHa6etuCJ2seAXAcK9ZyX0iBCj.jpeg)

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Thanks Alan I might try carbaryl today. I also ordered spinosad.

You are welcome.

It’s usually not good to use the same thing all the time, I get the impression that some of the things that you could use does not work as good some times of the year, yet I find it hard to understand when based upon looking at that PDF. At least you have more options to try now. I am wondering if there are any trees in your area that also have this problem, it could be spreading from another tree.

I was reading somewhere online that adding additional nutrients to the soil can help, I am not sure how true that is, and too much nitrogen can cause blight damage. Maybe you could try adding some ‘Azomite’?

I think there are some products that might work as a drench, but then it seems they will kill the bees in the blossoms next spring. The imacloprid you arent supposed to use more than twice. But the Psylla has five generations in a season. The suggested treatments are very expensive for someone with one tree. I havent given the tree any nitrogen, and I’ve had the soil tested and I’m good that way. The Ph is a little high. I’ll check out the azomite, but this thing looks like it won’t make it through the summer. I’m woncering if it isn’t better to start over with OFxF 87 rootstocks? Supposedly they are resistant.

I’m going to buy some Kaolinite tomorrow and spray with that. To purchase surround will cost me $75-100 after shipping.

Unfortunately I think that there is a good chance of it not making it too. I was reading that a good resistant root stock is a great prevention of Psylla. When it comes to pear disease what worries me most, is what other people’s pear trees might have and get, there are a lot of Bradford pears in our area and they seem to get diseased easily.

I use ‘OHxF 87’, not only is it very disease resistant, many pear varieties produce younger on it, yet the standard of the ‘OHxF 87’ is about the same thin diameter, I think that all the 'OHxF rootstocks are like that, it was 4 years until I could graft to mine, although I decided to graft many varieties to each root stock, I did not put one variety on each trunk like some people do. If you do this make sure to not plant the new tree in the same place as the old one, to make sure that the disease is not in the soil.

Do you know what variety your tree is?

No. I have no idea what the tree is, it does seem to be grafted. I have four OH x F 87 grafts i did this spring. I might have to give it the chop, realizing you won’t win every battle.