Help Needed to ID Caterpillars

Hi, all,
Today I was checking a red bud tree in my garden and found hundreds of caterpillars were eating the leaves. It’s horrible. Could anyone please tell me what pest this is? Thanks!

I did some search and found this one looks like the same. I need to put this under control. I think Spinosad would do it. Any better advice?

So all of these worms will be butterflies some day?



Speyeria idalia, the Regal Fritillary butterfly, hosts on prairie grasses in the Great Plains. So if NoVA means Northern Virginia, the ID is incorrect.

Thank you Larry!
Yes. I am in Northern VA.
So you meant these caterpillars couldn’t be Speyeria idalia because they don’t live in my area, right?

Red humped catepillar

Adults are cute.



hoosier is correct. The same cat species was posted in this forum a while back, but I did not remember the red-humped nickname. It is a very distinctive feature, not found on other look-alike caterpillars.


Thank you for the info!
Very helpful!

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