Help Save 50+ year old Mango Trees

Hi all,
New to the forum and need your help in saving about ten of trees that have a white fungus creeping up the trunk, happen rather quickly. These mango trees were well established in our Miami home when my grandfather purchased the home in the late 60’s.

thank you !

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Most florida mango growers are here

Well, sellers of mango and other tropical plants.

Hey Mad Man, welcome to GrowingFruit!

My colleagues at the tropical agriculture center there in Miami use Rally 40WSP and Abound to control fungal infections on Mango.


Thank you for the replies and how to start saving these trees.

Yeah, my experience with mangoes is limited to trips visiting my brother in Kauai- I’ve planted trees with him on what used to be partly my land but never managed them. My experience with fungus is that once it’s in the wood there’s not a lot you can do. Let us know what you find out- the first thing, obviously, is to identify the pest… don’t start spraying until you’ve done that. Here, Rally is used only to protect foliage, not wood, but as I said, I don’t know mangoes.

Mango trees and green lawns don’t mix well. One will give. I think the tree is getting too much water close to the trunk. A 10 foot radius circle of mulch around the trunk that does not get watered may help.

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Also I’ve only seen resurrection ferns (looking brown on the photo because they’re dry at the moment) on trees that are 100+ years old, mostly oaks in my area. This tree must be very old, perhaps nearing the limit of its longevity.

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Could be the water, lots recently. Did not think about the lifespan of the tree, going to research that more.