Help! scale is killing my grapefruit tree

Hey guys! I had a scale infestation in my grapefruit tree and I didn’t notice it until the leaves started to fall off.(Jan) Scale has all been removed It lost most of the leaves except for a patch where the 2 fruits are hanging, turing yellow slightly not sure because of the scale of if they are ripening. Some of the branches are now dying back. It normally starts putting out new leaves in mid March, if it lasts till then. Any ideas would be helpful. I used some sort oil… I don’t think that did much.

Apply isopropal alcohol or neem oil. Watch this gentleman from Boston:

Good luck.

The very first thing I would do is pick those two grapefruit off. Without leaves, the plant needs the sugars its leaves make to feed itself rather than putting them in a fruit. Besides that take Matt-in-Maryland’s advice. God bless.


Funny, I just found out about scale on my lemon tree: What Disease on my Lemon Tree? - #9 by fruitnut.

I saw your post and it made me think maybe I can’t do it alone LOL
I hope yours will recover soon, mine as well!

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Thanks guys. Oh new England gardener I know his videos. Thank you for sharing . I will go out tomorrow and look for neem oil. It was horticultural oil I had used.

I will go ahead and pick the fruit. Is there any chance in them ripening??