Help to ID this Japanese Plum?

We got this from supermarket. It’s very sweet and juicy. Can you help us id this plum?
Due to space issue, is it ok to plant it in a container (southwest facing)? We live in New York zone 7b.

Thank you


Sorry forgot to attach the photo.

Any stickers on the plums? Sometimes you can sleuth the variety from clues on the stickers, if any.

Google ‘Cherry Plum’.

Unfortunately it sold as whole bag, there is no sticker.

Thanks. Can it be one of these?


Flesh color? Freestone or clingstone (most are cling)? Many “plums” can also be plumcots/pluots. Ask the produce manager that also lets them know to order more.

Surprised that small size is allowed by the USDA to be sold in a supermarket. Looks like a ripe sweet treat pluerry to me…doubt it is though.

As for planting in a container, sure assuming you can get your hands on the cultivar; a lot of commercial only available or restricted licensed varieties are out there. But most Japanese plums require pollinators. And it is usually nice if a dwarf rootstock is available for a container; though not required.

Hi FascistNation,

Thanks. Flesh color is yellow. clingstone. the sweetest plum I have ever had.
It’s sad if it is Commercial only. I think it is local produce plum, I also found it in local green farmer market. It’s on their facebook page

Just curious Fascist, what reason would the USDA have for prohibiting the sale of a small plum? Children choking on the pit?

USDA requires that fancy and Grade 1 plums have a diameter not less than 1 1/4 inch.

Even if a certain plum doesn’t typically have fruit of that size? That’s odd.

I bought some pluots today, they are kind of rare in my country so I never miss the opportunity to buy some.
These said “Flavor King” from Spain however they don’t look like FK at all. I think they might be Flavorosas but not sure. Can anyone help to ID this plum?

I bought the same with that name, (from Spain) they seem not at all FK .
in my experience FK has a more rounded shape .
the fruits on your picture are more flattened, I believe this is FR.

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Flavorosa is much earlier and its skin is dark blue, not dark red.