Help to straighten a few honey locust trees

Hi guys. I started these trees from seed that I had found in a park from a mother tree. I planted about 10 of them and got some interesting different varieties including a thorn locust. My question is how do I go about straightening these. They are just a whip right now and I have barely cut the tops so they can branch out at roughly 5‘6“. Should I tie them to the stake that is straight or should I bend them in the opposite direction and over correct them for the next year and see how they straighten? I wish I could go back in time and just stake them from the beginning. But it was totally an experiment and I didn’t know if I was going to even use them.


I think that if you straighten them now and keep tying the new growth to the pole they’ll be fine. Just leave them that way for at least a year before removing the ties.


Ok. Thank you

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Have you considered grafting them? Fruitwoods nursery sells a few different cultivars that are large podded/thornless. I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago that the pods are edible. I’ve got so many on my property and really have a new respect for them.

That’s cool. I had no idea. Have you tasted them? I wonder what they taste like. I will probably try to see if I can straighten them out. If they don’t in the next year though I will more than likely chuck them and start over fresh. I could care less personally if they are crooked but my wife would like nice straight trees. I have explained to her though that the variety in itself aren’t very straight.