Help! Very unhealthy lychee tree

Need help with this very unhealthy lychee tree. Any suggestions?

Where are you located? Looks like tip burn from salts in your irrigation water. You could try flushing the pot periodically with rain or RO water. The young leaves look like there’s a nutrient deficiency too, probably iron, which is common if your water and soil are alkaline.

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Located in Florida, it gets watered most of the time off a shallow well, then a small percentage of the time from city water. I will try adding some iron, thanks a lot! It’s the only tree out of my collection that looks this unhealthy, trying to bring her back to life

Wouldn’t use city water, 8 pH. How much salt does your well water have?

Not many places can grow lychee. They need some cool but not freezing weather.
I saw several huge trees on South Merritt Island when I lived there around 1970.

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I’ve never tested either water, all my tropical do fine with the well though, mangos, guavas, star fruit, figs avocados etc, I bought the grafted lychee from a guy 10 minutes from me that has 7 large ones in ground at his nursery, he does get inconsistent fruit years, but Brewster is supposed to be better than most as far as consistency. Located in Tampa Florida. I will get a PH test kit and see what both of my water sources are. Possibly it’s something in the potted soil mixture or lack there of, cause all the ones I’ve seen look amazing in ground.

Could the round leaf damage be from bugs? If it were seattle that’s either hail or caterpillars making holes like that.

Have you tried a microbe boost? If the ph isn’t too alkaline it could be helpful for a potted plant. Especially for trace elements being plant available if it’s slightly alkaline. Less ph lockout of plant available trace elements. Such as iron as mentioned above.

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If other lychees in the area look fine, it could be that the pot isn’t allowing salts to be flushed out when you water.