Help! Where can I find 'Hicks Everbearing' or 'Stubbs' Red Mulberry?


I am researching various varieties to help initiate an orchard program in my city.

I am intrigued by uncommon fruits and uncommon varieties.

Is anyone growing ‘Hicks Everbearing’ or ‘Stubbs’ Red Mulberry? If so, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT IT! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I can’t seem to find any nursery or plant retailer that carries it. Why is that? If anyone knows how to get these varieties, I would love to know.

Also, are there any other pure Morus Rubra varieties that you would recommend for zone 6?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Here is an interesting story. Someone in South Carolina might be able to track it down.


very interesting history,thanks for sharing the article

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I acquired some Hicks Everbearing mulberry scion from my local University extension, Highmoor Farm in Monmouth, Maine. Grafted them onto morus alba tatarica roots and got a few takes…I will be visiting there tomorrow to see the plum trial block (and hopefully tastes a few plums), so maybe I will inquire about the parent Hick’s tree.


Great thank you Jesse! I look forward to hearing what information they have.

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Not much info, and sadly the tree there had been knocked over by wind and was just a stump.

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Eliza Greenman has a few trees and scions for sale:

Correction-my scions did NOT come from a liocal tree, very likely came from Eliza by way of John Bunker.

Do you folks have fruiting trees now? How is the fruit? Do you recommend the variety?