Help with a peach tree in Western North Carolina 7b

Hello, my first post here but former GardenWeb tropical fruit forum regular.

Here are some pictures of my 2 year old Early Elberta peach tree.

The pics dont show how bad the fungal rot is when it is wet or dewey out in the morning and the gumosis sap dripping.

The tree was leaning so I corrected it a few months ago not sure if this added to its stress

Before moving here I grew tropical fruit trees in South Florida and never had much issues, I just thought the spot was the graft healing.

Reading around here I think its cytospora canker and maybe some borers at play. I also realize I probably shouldnt get too attached to growing peaches in the area now after reading some other posters have given up.
I grow vegetables and other fruiting trees nearby and really dont want to spray alot of chemicals regularly. I also have a Georgia Belle peach 20 feet away that has not yet been affected.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Peaches tend to do better with an open center rather than a central leader.
I’m not sure I can see the problem…though there is scar tissue.

Welcome to the forum. Asheville is a nice area.

That’s some kind of injury healing over. And in fact, it seems to be healing very well. I won’t be too concerned if it were my tree.

I would spread the canopy out a bit and chose three major scaffolds. That’s if you want to train the way most do.

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Yep. I have yet to prune either of my peaches. This winter theyre getting topped. Ive been doing some youtube research on pruning but that will probably be another thread with pics and questions when the time comes if I am unsure about anything


Asheville is quite unexpectedly beautiful. I am originally from Long Island NY, and lived in Ft Lauderdale for 6 years before moving back up here.

Im still trying to figure out what I can grow here because we are at about 3000ft and have difficulties with late frosts and dampness. I am told cherries are a no go but see nurseries carrying them. I do have a crimson jewel cherry bush in the ground however.

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Welcome to the forum, @Mango_kush.