Help with Backpack sprayers

Good GF people.

Please share your experiences with backpack sprayers. I am looking into buying an electric or battery sprayer and I have questions.

Particularly what specifications should I look into deploy Souround and Kocide and sulfur.

EG nozel sizes and types.

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I have a battery Ryobi sprayer, I think it’s P2840 4gal (they have a lot of models). I’ve used it for kocide and sulfur but nothing like surround. with just the nozzle it came with. it doesn’t really atomize, it’s more just a steam of big droplets, but that’s what I want so I have less chance of spray drift

sorry I don’t think this is enough info for you because surround would be a harder task than what I’m doing. but I’m happy with it


I used this (edit: non-electric; though the company does make them) one this year to apply potassium bicarb, spinosad and neem oil:

Worked pretty well. The pump/mixing lever worked fine and seemed to keep stuff mixed up sufficiently—including the neem oil emulsion. Beat constantly pumping, shaking and making trips to refill my el-cheapo two-gallon hand sprayer. Don’t know how it would handle Surround, as far as clogging, as I did not apply any this past season; seems to have a pretty good filter system, though. Stream and coverage were good for what i wanted it for: spraying cukes and melons.

For spraying surround I believe you will need continuous tank agitation and a diaphragm pump.

I have the Harbor Freight $30 one… I dont really need a battery or anything fancier. Does what i ask of it. If and when it fails i will have no regret getting another one. If i had to make a living with one i would probably get a Stihl


This is an older thread,but didn’t want to start a new one and thought it matched my question.
I was looking on Craigslist for something and saw this ad for an electrostatic sprayer.They’re unfamiliar to me and was wondering if anyone owns or has tried them?

There is a link to a short video,showing them spraying an Apple with a non-electrostatic sprayer and then with one.They also give the company’s web address at the end.They make much larger models also.

seems to be a legit industrial thrift store. looks like they got a lot of generic sprayers that formally cost $399 - $999, which explains why they couldnt be sold. Current versions from in business companies look to sell for $79.

I think I will get one.


Please let me know how it works,if buying one.

I have a 25 gallon tow behind sprayer from Iva manufacturing. It has a 5hp honda engine and a diaphragm pump. I don’t remember what I paid for it but remember it was a good deal.
It really changed my life. I can get my orchard sprayed in an hour vs all day with a backpack sprayer.
Continuous agitation works great.

I think those backpack electrostatic sprayers are too low in pressure, finer mist, and are generally for indoor usage. With wind and height of trees, there will be a lot of drift and not getting good coverage.

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Okay,thanks.Maybe in a greenhouse.

Arrived quickly on the 21ths of feb but this is the first time i got around to trying it out.
Working condition. the electrode zaps me, so I assume the electrostatic function works. The leakage will be fixed when I use thread tape.

The battery pack is an 18650 3s2p. 18650’s a standard battery size like an AA or AAA, 18mm wide 65mm long and 0=round. Similar batteries drop the trailing 0 because there never not round.

3s2p is a standard arrangement if the pack went bad I could replace it with something like this