Help with citrus!

So I had a lot of damage to my plants a month or so ago after I moved the plants from indoors to outdoors without hardening off (it caused sunburning and loss of foliage). I’m not sure if these problems are related or if it’s something else. Firstly is it normal for satsumas to form like they did in these pictures? Some are kinda bumpy and others have some kind of burn on them. The other picture is of satsuma leaves, and kumquat leaves. The new leaves are coming in weak and wrinkled. Again I’m not sure if that’s still sun damage but some of the growth is new. I’ve fertilized and watered regularly. I’ve used citrus tone, manure, and a water soluble to fertilize. I’m hoping I don’t have any disease issues. Any help is appreciated.

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Your trees look OK with contorted and functional leaves. The orange skin I don’t know.

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Go easy on your fertilizing,forget about the manure. Citrus need high nitro,like 25/5/15 plus micro’s, acidic in nature. Small pinebark is a big part of your container medium(acidic).


They just seem unhealthy, I’ve never seen the leaves contort like that.

I agree it looks a little over fertilized

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I can try repotting the small ones, but the bigger ones are pretty much staying in that size container indefinitely. I might plant a couple in ground and protect over winter.

I’ll cut back, I’d be surprised if it was my manure or citrus tone. Maybe I over did it with the water soluble?

My philosophy is to not regularly fertilize and just feed when they look slightly hungry, since it’s easy to overdo, especially in potted trees. I don’t have a ton of citrus (I’m up to 3 grafted trees and half a dozen small seedlings), mostly I’m growing avocados, but their needs are similar I think.