Help with plant ID in Florida - two leaf nightshade

I’ve got this small tree/ shrub growing up on the bank by the creek behind my house. This is the only one of it’s kind on my property and I can’t tell what it is…

The berries are a bright yellow when they ripen…any thoughts??

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It seems a solanacea but don’t know the variety… maby an endemic species or invasive.

Did some more digging, perhaps it’s a two leaf nightshade?? Fits the description of what I found on line about

A distinctive feature of twoleaf nightshades is that their leaves grow in pairs from a single bud, hence the name ‘twoleaf’. Each pair is composed of a major and a minor leaf.

It’s Solanum diphyllum i think… The plant is poisonous to humans.

Solanum diphyllum - Wikipedia

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Looks like Jerusalem Cherry to me which is a nightshade and poisonous. But I could be wrong.

that was the other one that came up, but the leaves aren’t right. definitely a twoleaf nightshade.