Help with propagating/grafting Japanese Apple-Pear cuttings

My grandfather has about 19 trees on his property, Gala, Gravenstein, Bramley, Transparent, Sparton small, Summer red, Snow sweet, Golden delicious, Melba, and Japanese-apple-pear.

If anyone has any tips on how to root cuttings from these trees, some tricks that they employ in doing so - it would be much appreciated; I have sort of taken it upon myself to try to preserve these trees that were mostly planted in the late 80’s early 90’s.

My question for the Japanese Apple-Pear, is can I graft the cuttings, onto a dwarf pear tree from the suckers that grow from said pear tree? The suckers are attached to the trunk, and I was thinking of maybe pinning them down with a brick, let them root into the soil dig them up to then graft onto, or could I just snip them off and make them root into potting soil?

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The suckers as the bottom typically belong to the rootstock and so the fruit is inferior. When i cut scion wood i cut it from the top in areas i know fruit the desired type of fruit. To answer your question yes you can graft the scion on a dwarf rootstock. This is one method Whip and Tongue techniques .Many times people use grafting tools the first time they graft as it makes joining the scion wood from your tree onto the rootstock you want to graft to easier Italian Grafting Tools: Grafter's Tool, Arborist's Grafting Tool

I’ve heard that Asian pears need vigorous root stock, so unknown dwarf rootstock might not be suitable.

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