Help with raspberry ID

(I tried this post yesterday it wouldn’t upload)

During the ongoing removal of the massive youngberry i am happy to be rid of i have cut out about 100 rooted starts (ugh). They have all been bright green. Came across a reddish-leafed, rather thick stemmed thorned start yesterday. Along with the youngberry back in 2019 i had also planted a marionberry and i think one more berry i cannot recall. They were totally engulfed by youngberry.
Is this little start possibly marionberry? Or something else domestic?
I put a youngberry that i cut out to the right of the berry in question to show difference.

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The hairy thorns remind me of wineberry thorns, but I’m not sure if the leaves match that. That’s my only contribution!


Well once the fruit comes you’ll know.


I do have wineberry in other parts of yard - yr right it certainly could be.

Yeah thats the true test. I guess i will grow it out.