Help with the Rosseyanka persimmon debate

Trying to decide between rosseyanka or a plain american persimmon. When looking at past post there seems to be some debate over the taste of rosseyanka. Native or asian taste? Please give your opinion if rosseyanka taste like native, asian, or unique. Thanks.


I enjoy the hybrids more than either of their parents. Hybrids have the richness of American persimmons, the honeyed sweetness of Asian persimmons, and they grow on a smaller, more manageable tree. If you go with a hybrid, you might consider JT-02. Nikita’s Gift is excellent as well but it’s not as cold hardy as advertised — you probably need to be in a warm zone 6 or higher to have it work out long term. Rosseyanka is very good too but it’s got a lot more of the American characteristics than kaki.