Help - Young Peach Tree Disease - Red Spots / Holes

Can I apply one of the different solutions with fruit on the tree? Or is this something I spray every winter?

Thank you very much. I will try getting my soil tested.

dsteger, you have the peach tree attacked by the fungus that causes the disease, and it is also a little weakened.
If it were my tree I would do the following treatment:

If it is possible to buy Difenoconazole 25% (this is the active principle, and it has many commercial trademark, such as Core, or Score) it would be fantastic, in case you cannot find difenoconazole, if you are going to find Captan 80% in stores of photosanitary.

That said, you should do a foliar spray treatment with the fungicide, and these are the dosages:

If you find difenoconazole

  • Difenoconazole 25% (30 cubic centimeters or milliliters for 100 liters of water, for a 10 liter fumigation backpack only 3 cubic centimeters or milliliters of fungicide)

If you find Captan 80%( 250 grams of granulated product for 100 liters of water, for a 10 liter fumigation backpack only 25 grams of granulated fungicide)

With both products, a single application by foliar spraying will suffice.

To invigorate your tree, you can apply two treatments via irrigation with a period of 15 days between each treatment.

Apply via irrigation 2 products

  • Biostimulant with amino acids
  • Corrector of deficiencies nutritional rich in microelements whose nutrients are chelated

This is what I would do if it were my tree.

After these treatments, your peach tree will explode with great vigor emitting a lot of new foliage and new young vigorous branches.