Here comes the 2018 apple & pear harvest!


I bet Drippin’ Honey don’t do well anywhere where there is to much moisture as you pointed out with the cracking issue. They were not the best here this year but last year they were very high quality. No pears were as high quality as normal in my location due to the weather. Wonder how Drippin Honey did for @tonyOmahaz5?


I picked my Jonagold’s early, if not the squirrels would have gotten all of them. As for my Elberta’s the same thing goes except I have coons too that can only climb so high but left some of these for me. There are about thirty more on the tree. Thanks goodness!


Bet those will make a great pie or cobbler!


Hard to beat the taste of a fresh Jonagold.


It killed me to pick them early, but it was either that or none at all. Cobbler in a couple of days.


Can someone answer a quick question. I have a tree that is suppossed to be golden delicious, and for the most part the apples look like golden delicious I see in the stores, etc. Except they have a fair amount of red blush on the sunny side if I leave them a while. Do Golden delicious get some red on them if left in the sun for a while? Sadly I think they are all gone now and I didn’t get any photos.


Yes they do. The coloration is more in cooler weather. That’s the same as color on apples in general. More color if ripening happens with cool/cold fall weather. So you can’t expect as much as MN or NY but more than south Texas.


Not all my Enterprise apples had scab. They keep falling from the tree though and I don’t think they are ripe. I’m going to let them sit for a bit before eating.


I was going to say, I expect a darker color for Enterprise. It could be partly due to the lighting. Are the seeds black?


No, the seeds were brownish. These apples fell from the tree on there own. Could be squirrels or other unknown reasons. The one that fell yesterday was darker and the eight I have on the tree are darker still. I read mid October is their ripening time, so hopefully some last till then.
Despite that, they were very good.
I also take pictures on my old crappy phone, so that could be part of it.


I started picking Korean Giant today. It’s definitely a keeper, harder than say Hosui but very flavorful and crunchy.


First one is a giant!


Yours are around a pound each by the looks of it! Great looking pears! My largest even during this drought was 3/4 of a pound. Korean Giant is definitely a keeper!


I planted a Korean Giant this spring. It hasn’t been a fast grower for me. Pretty much sitting there sulking. I hope it produces fruit next year. I will let it keep at least couple of fruit so I can finally taste a home grown Asian pear!
Your fruit look wonderful Drewee.


@ltilton @clarkinks We had a lot of rain this year. I think that helped balloon them up. I was really worried that they’d be watery. Some of my local friends also grow A pears, and their earlier ripening ones were really watered down this year compared to years past.

@Susu I’m sure you’ll love this one. A coworker gave me some from his tree, and I was trying to order my own tree a few days later. It has so far been trouble-free for me with no pests and no diseases.


Two more Enterprise apples. These are definitely more red than the ones that fell from the tree. I picked them yesterday. Very good flavor and big. I still have 5 more on the tree. Hopefully I am able to get them before any varmints.


Here are my Reinette Zabergau apples this year. I had to pick them a little earlier than I normally do but some sort of critters were starting to pick them off a few at a time.



Pretty tasteless this year


Rain and more rain since mid-August. I never had to battle sooty blotch before but I got it this year. I last sprayed in early August then never got a chance after that. The fall crops came out ok with maybe 20% of my apples showing sooty blotch. More on the apples at the bottom of the trees than the top. Picked Mcintosh, Haralson, Macoun, NW Greening so far. Cortland is weird this year as not yet ripe. Red Delicious and Northern spy still to come later in the season. I am spoiled as I did not realize what pears and apples sell for until we took a trip to buy some cider at a local orchard. Wow! Glad I should have enough apples to last til February.




Those are great looking apples!