Here's what's up in May!

Misty Blueberry:

The garden in full force…picked radishes and beets today

Tomcot…huge set this year…happy dance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Fairtime…fingers crossed the fruitless stay and I get a late peach!

Cot N Candy Aprium…huge set as well. Happy dancing again :dancer::dancer::dancer:

Eva’s Pride Peach…ya’ll know how I feel about this one…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::wink::wink:

That’s all for now folks…until we meet again…:hugs:


So beautiful orchard and vegetable Jennifer.

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Thank you Vincent!

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Oh Puggy!!! You have the touch! Love your pictures and success!

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Eva’s Pride - Had to do some propping up…This year I left more fruit on the tree. A few peaches with split pit have fallen off…The rain and wind had me panicing…:weary:

Tomcot coloring up




Eggplant, summer squash and kolrabi…no worries Mr. Greeny has been taken care of…:chicken:


That is one nice looking peach tree!

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You better get that tomato worm!!! Before he eats the kolrabi…

Handled! Chicken food. :slight_smile:

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Your tomcots look incredible.

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Looks great! Beats my -2 Celsius and snow yesterday…


Puggy I’m hanging onto three Tomcots!!! I would love yours! The pic is right out if a catalogue!

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Those are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen. Also fun to see how far along you are compared to me and others in my area and further north. You definitely have skills. Nice going.

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Oh goodness. I cannot handle to snow and cold. I grew up in Southwestern Washington…couldn’t handle the rain and got the puck outta there to sunny southern California! I lost some of the beauty and peace and quiet but hey I visit often at the most beautiful time…SUMMER! lol

Funny…this was one of my first tester trees as it was listed at 500 chill hours (I believe), it is slow to bloom and leaf out a little bit in the beginning but man does it take off!

Very nice pictures Jenifer, you have done a great job with your beautiful orchard! I really enjoy seeing pictures of well maintained orchards and gardens!

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Very nice job, PG! I can only sigh when I see those Tomcots, and only dream of growing those here. I almost ordered one of those and a Tilton this spring, but thought it’d prob be a losing proposition with our late freezes. I’m still not understanding how y’all can get fruit so soon, do things just bloom much earlier there?

But, we did add a couple peach trees, so that’ll give us four to look forward to hopefully getting fruit in a couple years. How old is that tree of yours, and how soon did it start producing?

We haven’t planted any veggies yet, but hope to put some seed taters in the ground within a week.

Do the chickies mess with your veggies or fruits at all? BTW, did y’all select a new head rooster?


Beautiful trees and great- looking fruit. You are a highly skilled gardener.