Hi all, need help with a bare root candy heart Pluerry

Thank you for your time in advance, I received a grafted bare root candy heart Pluerry. Super excited about it. So here’s where I need help. Im new to this exciting world of gardening. So the Pluerry was grafted and is not dormant it has foliage and is about 3 j inches tall , it’s container is a black bag with mulch. Im in zone 10a and the instructions where to wait till it becomes dormant before I plant it. I don’t know how long that will be, so my concern is it will it be okay in this container till then? Or should I pot it first?

Thank you again for your time

What do you mean by a black bag with mulch? Is it a grow bag or a trash bag?

If you don’t have pests that could eat the small tree, I would plant it in ground, now. As long as you don’t damage the roots, it’s fine to transplant.

It’s generally best if you mound it up a bit for better drainage. With a plant that small, I would suggest you just put a piece of cardboard on the ground, place the plant on the cardboard (avoid disturbing the roots), dump a bag of compost (or mix) on top of the cardboard, and pack in the compost around the roots of the plant. Tie the plant to a small stake while the roots grow, water in afterwards and give it some afternoon shade for a week.

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I’d plant it in a pot and get some roots on it until next spring. If it does well in the pot you could plant in ground in about February. It’s not ready for planting out in the sun right now. If you do plant in ground right now it needs shade until the weather cools down.


Unless its in the southern hemisphere, it seems like a strange time to be bare-rooting a deciduous fruit tree.

I had to re-read a couple of times, and am still a bit puzzled.

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Me too.

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I ordered the plant on Etsy, and that was what I was told, to wait for the leaves to fall off and then plant it, I’m sorry for the confusion as I’m confused myself

Hopefully you did not pay much for that. You could have gotten a 4-5 foot tall one with decent roots for 60 plus shipping with Raintree or more than likely 30 something or 40 something plus shipping from One Green World in October. I would plant it in a pot and let it get some roots on it like others said. If you plant it outside make sure you protect it with netting at all costs. That plant is one deer bite or one raccoon swing away from being toast.

I figured I could plant it in a pot, but the instructions where quite perplexing to me, so I turn to you the veterans

As this is my first rodeo lol, I did find resources after i purchased this

Thank you all for your advice. I’m a novice looking to learn

I started getting it from many places just like you. I ended up finding a few places that have a wide amount of items and kept buying from them. One Green World, Cummins, Trees of Antiquity and Raintree and edible landscaping seem to have everything I want to grow here.

So very thankful for the point in a better direction, will definitely take a look, I just found a new love for the garden and was a bit naive.

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Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your new plant!

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Hi Patrick,

I want to add,unless there is another Pluerry or Japanese Plum in your collection or

nearby,one will be needed for cross pollination.

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I’m surprised nobody has asked about the rootstock that it’s grafted on. This would be a critical thing to know for planning on where to plant it and how big to expect it to get and how fast to expect it to grow and how much watering and how much physical support it will need.

I found the seller you bought it from on Etsy. This person offers no information on what the rootstock is for any of their grafted trees. You could write and ask. It’s something worth knowing.

This person has a piclick shop and an ebay shop where there’s a link to contact them.

I’m definitely a beginner, yes, that’s exactly where I got it from, I was just an excited kid in a candy shop if that makes sense, learning quite a bit as the days go by, and am truly thankful for everyone’s feedback as it expands my knowledge. That’s why I’m on this forum. To learn, and in my mind it’s okay to make mistakes along the way, I just fell in love with the spectacle of growing and was eager to purchase items to add to the garden. I will definitely ask what it was grafted on. Thanks again

I’m definitely planning on adding a Japanese plum and other Pluerry trees as that was my first purchase. I’m slowly working into what was a grass backyard. Thank you for your advice

they say the rootstock is wild plum seedling

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