Hi everyone! All my new fruits are dropping , need help plz thank you!

All my new fruits are dropping ! Any advice plz ! ( its a Tangelo and is in the ground for almost 3 years)

How old is your tree? Citrus is kind of self-thinning and I think that the more mature and robust the tree, the more fruit will hang until it’s ripe instead of popping off like that. The tree looks kind of chlorotic as well maybe a round of complete fertilizer with nitrogen magnesium and iron would help clear that up too. Has it been under any amount of stress lately?

Hi ! Thank you for your quick respond . The tree is in the ground for 3 years… I use liquinox iron&zinc 2 weeks ago … no stress for him … I watering deeply once a week … yesterday the temperature hit almost 97c … All the leaves are a little bite yellowish …

I probably wouldn’t worry about it too much if other fruit is holding on the tree, I think relatively that’s still kind of young for a citrus tree if it’s 3 years in the ground and wasn’t a larger tree when planted - they tend to self thin a lot and it sounds like you’re doing things right and it hasn’t been stressed! I like to foliar feed sometimes with something like that chelated iron, it seems to clear up the chlorosis a bit better than having the tree transport it from the ground to the leaves, I think iron in particular is hard to transport in citrus trees, and I think it depends a lot on how warm the root zone is too. Good luck! Tangelos are great

There is some leaves …

Hmm…not for sure if that’s iron or what deficiency…some of them look very similar, and some deficiencies combined look even more different. I’d reference this for leaf ailments instead of relying on my advice on that Citrus: Identifying Diseases and Disorders of Leaves and Twigs—UC IPM

I think it’ll be OK though, that looks like it’s mostly on the newer growth based on your photos! Did all of the flowers/fruit pop off the tree or are some still holding on ?

Citrus does that. Those fruitlets may not have been pollinated, so they drop off. They would never have formed fruits.

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Most of them are dropping , the rest of the fruit start turn yellow…

I got a small orange :tangerine: same disease

My potted citrus leaves look similar, (meyer lemon) I had assumed it was due to pot culture and being deficient in some nutrient or other. The leaves on mine also curl. I had assumed that was due to lack of humidity or also nutrient deficiency. Hopefully someone can help!

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They may need more Nitrogen.bb

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Something else I remember reading about.It could be a Magnesium deficiency.Putting a little Epsom Salts in a spray bottle with a drop or two of dish soap and applied to leaves or mix some in water to give it to the roots.bb

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I give mine iron supplements

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The tree is also putting a lot of energy into fruiting, so sometimes they draw nutrients away from older leaves (you’ll sometimes see this prior to new spurt of growth.) I usually wait until after fruit set and then hit the tree up with some fertilizer. I also use citrus spikes early in the season.

use a good fertilizer with all the different micronutrients, that helps.

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Here’s a website with a person whose Citrus,looks like,a similar leaf problem.bb

Hi guys ! Update from my tangelo ! After add chicken manure , Liquinox zinc and iron , and little bite Liquinox Grow 10.10.5 , he’s get better ! I was very worry ! Now I’m so happy , it’s green ! I did the same thing on the other Citrus and it’s the same résulte ! Wow! Thank you for your help ! :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: