Hickory tree help

Planted 4 grafted hickories from grimo this spring 2 larger cleft grafted ones have grown about 18in, smaller rootstock/scion size matched ones have grown about 4in all good imo.

I am concerned due to drooping leaves now getting black ends and dying off.

Trees have been in the ground/leafed out for about 2 months now but we have had a fairly cool/wet spring (8-19C)up to this point (which i attributed the droopy leaves to one or both) just wondering if i should intervene (current weather 13-30C for forseable future) thanks fo the help see pics below [20210620_220929|690x690]today (upload://3pucjoijqdeIVAFiTbJYnFuupJ2.jpeg) about a week ago:Uploading: 20210611_184453.jpg…


Last week


Should i be concerned/take an action or am i just being anxious as its an exotic (to my part of the world) new to me species

Those look just fine to me. Relax…

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Cool thanks