High Chill Apples in SoCal

I planted quite a few high chill apples two years ago in San Diego and my Ashmead’s Kernel appears to have some apples!!! I’m hoping I’ll get some on my Fuji as well. I also planted a Hudson’s Golden Gem that was set back a year due to damage during winter pruning. The other’s planted cordon style are Newtown Pippin, Wickson Crab, and Liberty aren’t in the sunniest of areas. Any way just wanted to report the good news on my Ashmead’s Kernel!



Congratulations! First of many. Let us know how it goes. Are you coastal or inland? It seems like the closer you to get to the coast, the greater the diversity of cultivars that will fruit well.

Thanks! I’m about 30 miles from the coast. I was very encouraged by Dave Spellman’s UC Irvine project in Orange County. I will definitely keep this post updated and report back on the other cultivars. I may end up grafting onto the tree’s that get the most sun.


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Here’s my Ashmead’s Kernel that is coming along nicely. I’ve got 5 apples on this second year tree.


Here’s a couple Fuji Apples also a second year tree: