High chill peaches and plums

For those that don’t know I’m in Oklahoma. Our winters are tricky in that we will have warm spells that wake trees up and the inevitably a killing freeze. I am starting a brand new orchard this summer and I thought I should try some high chill peaches and plums to hedge my bets that they don’t wake up too early. To me taste is always first but if I don’t get any to eat that really doesnt mater. What are some good high chill trees.

Typically, the peaches which are the most winter hardy also have high chill requirements. Here is a list of some peaches, if you haven’t seen it.


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Surecrop was one of my best and most reliable producers in Amarillo. Womack’s lists it at 950 hrs. I wish I had their catalog so I could remember another one or two. They do have a pretty good selection for a climate similar to yours.

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One from Olpea’s link I liked one yr was Nectar. I don’t remember when it bloomed and it may have disease issues like bacterial spot. I think Scott likes it which is a good sign for both flavor and disease.

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Thanks you! DWN list reliance at 1000hrs. Is that accurate and is it an OK peach? I can’t get it locally right now.

Of the really hardy peaches I think most people say Reliance is OK but below average for taste. Contender is likely a better tasting peach. Those are two of the most winter hardy which isn’t your issue. Things like Surecrop are said to better withstand spring freezes. But those differences regarding spring freeze tolerance are a matter of a few degrees more tolerance at best.


Womacks has an online catalog with chill hour listings. They are in North Texas and no doubt deal with freeze issues as well. One from there catalog I have heard good things about is Ranger it is listed around 900 hours I think. I have heard a few people say good things about that one. No first hand experience though. As for plums aren’t some of the original pluots higher chill?


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Most prunes are 800+ c.h. and they are late bloomers as far as plums go.

Any high chill oriental plums or hybrids?