Highest production strawberry spacing?

Hello everyone,
I am in the process of setting up a new strawberry bed and I’ve decided to use some landscaping fabric instead of straw for it. Because of this, no runners will be able to grow into adult plants unless I allow them to. I already have a large number of adult strawberry plants ready to go. My bed will be 10x3 feet and I was wondering, what spacing should I use for the maximum production out of my plants? Any input is appreciated.

The standard spacing between strawberry plant is 12-18 inches. But if you can control the runners and thinned them out then 6-8 inches should be good for maximize production. Imo.



Thank you!

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@Adamsmasherz … if you research strawberries per square ft… Sq ft gardening… some recommend a max of 4 per square ft.

They say that production and berry size suffers if you exceed that. That seems pretty tight to me… but some say it works.

2 or 3 per Sq ft sounds reasonable.

It can be a chore to keep all those runners from rooting somewhere… anywhere there is a hole including where your other plants are established… they will get there and try to grow.

Good luck.

Wow that seems awfully tight but worst case scenario is smaller berries, worth the gamble for me. Thank you for this information!