Hollybrook Rootstocks

I’ve reached out to Hollybrook with no reply yet. I hate to say I’m going to purchase a big box store fruit tree, but for the life of me I can’t talk my partner out of it. She bought a Contender peach on ‘dwarf’ rootstock. Any idea what this actual rootstock may be? Anyone reach out to them yet in regards to all of their rootstocks or is it a box box store secret? Thanks in advance everyone! :slight_smile:

My very first persimmon trees were from hollybrook orchards. I assume they used diaspyros virginiana rootstock. Can’t comment on what they use for other fruit varieties. I find them to be better quality trees, not just for persimmon, when I come across them at various smaller nurseries.


Don’t know the rootstock, but I do have a few peaches from Hollybrook. They get a little more than half the size of a standard. I have tried to ask hollybrook questions in the past. Don’t waste your time, you will not get an answer.


They don’t even grow/graft their own trees. They purchase bareroot trees from west coast nurseries and grow them out in pots for a year before selling. That’s my understanding regarding their business model.

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Yeah figured as much, they haven’t replied which is downright dastardly. Who cares if a commercial grower knows the rootstock. I just want to know what my tree will do long run. Thank you for elucidating this! Seems it wouldn’t be a total waste.