Hollywood plum

I didn’t see a distinct topic for this plum, so here we go. I grafted this plum last year and it already has a good amount of plums. It makes me think the graft is 2 years old, but I know it can’t be older than that. I put it on a small Prunus Americana rootstock. The plums are growing faster than any of my other fruits this year, even the peaches. Does anyone here have a review of the fruit? It’s a beautiful tree. The tree is dripping with organic spray in these photos (surround).


Hollywood is one of my favorite plums. I grew up eating it in Egypt, where it is very popular. It is not very sweet like pluots, but has a nice flavor that a lot of people like. It is also an early plum, earlier than Santa Rosa, which is a plus.


I planted a bare root Hollywood in spring 2020. It grew vigorously, and looked like it’s might fruit this year, but a late hard freeze wiped out all the flowers so I’ll have no luck this year.

It’s very productive here in California, needs a lot of thinning. Leaves and fruit look great, but flavor wise it’s not among my favorites.


Same thing happened to me. Well hopefully next year!

I have one on its own roots. It flowered a little last year, but no fruits. This year it is fruiting and I’ll get to try it for the first time. The guy I got it from really likes it, and has posted some really appetizing pictures of it.

I didn’t find them readily, or I would have linked.

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This is the first year my various plums have flowered heavily. Hollywood set more fruit than any other plum. I’m not sure if it pollenated more easily or just sets fruit more efficiently at a younger age. I would recommend it solely based on its red foliage.

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Searching for this plum many years ago is what brought me to this forum! It’s a fav from my childhood and I just bought two to plant this year, can’t wait for the fruit. I grew up a few blocks from one of Luther Burbank’s test gardens so we have his trees (Santa Rosa, etc) everywhere, but I still think Hollywood beats them in flavor. They’re great for fresh eating and absolutely fantastic when dried, too.

Apparently there’s three separate plums going by variations of the name “Hollywood” so buyer beware. You have the red-leafed variety too which is the one I’m familiar with. I had to tear down some beautiful wild plum trees to build my barn and I’m replacing them with these - glad they have the same look with better fruit!


For what I thought was a popular plum, there isn’t a great deal of info here on Hollywood. I’ll try to add more as we go along. My tree is in zone 5/6 and growing quickly.

I have this plum in container, it had a few flowers this year but no fruit. It’s definitely a beautiful tree.