Holy brown turkey fig

I planted this brown turkey fig 4 years ago and ignored all the spacing requirements. Well, this bad boy is now 20’ tall and 20’ wide and taking over everything. It also puts out hundreds of tasty figs each season which is kinda swell. Anyone getting similar results from their figs?


I have had over 100 figs in a year from one tree last year, yet not hundreds. This year starts the 4th year that the tree has been in the ground. Ours is a variety called Dominick, and grows large like an Elm tree if you let it. I don’t want mine to get anywhere as big as it can get, or as big as your tree is in that photo, smaller trees for more variety, that is my goal. Not all fig trees called brown turkey are really brown turkey.

Southern Brown Turkey ? It’s about to swallow your shed…

Beautiful! What neck of the woods are you in?

They fruit on new wood. Feel free to cut that sucker way back next winter.