Home Renovation II


Of course I had to visit Pearson’s Gardens in Vista CA today to populate my new veggie and herb beds!


That is one interesting back yard you have! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a backyard like this before. I’m sure you’ll be sharing the DONE! pictures here soon. I guess all that California sunshine means less rain and more irrigation. Here in Virginia, we got lucky today and didn’t get drenched at our cookout! We’ll see how the rest of Memorial Day weekend goes! Just too much rain the past month! Good for my berries and growing fruit trees – but a challenge for bacteria and fungus on certain varieties.


We have those challenges too, but for different reasons. The coastal influence can cause overnight temperatures to drop and raise humidity or precipitation in the form of dew. As temperatures rise in the daytime, different forms of mildew attack grapes and citrus. Also, those in historically ocean clays have to deal with anaerobic clay and hence, anaerobic phytophthora.


Richard, it all looks so very awesome! I love the plan and the detail that went into it.


Richard I think you might have one of the nicest yards that won’t even need a lawn mower, If anything you’ll be vacuuming. It’s looking great!


Here comes da mulch!


They’re probably making a good amount of money,but if it was my place and felt the work was well done,I might have a little party at completion.Kind of like a celebration of something new and a thanks for the great job.The workers could even play a round if they wanted,but only if they stayed sober and kept the ball on the green. Brady


There’s going to be four “revelation” parties at various dates to accommodate folks schedules! The workers and their families are of course invited, plus various suppliers, and the neighbors, extended family, the local CRFG clubs, and of course all of you!! I’ll be BBQ’ing and serving up a banquet at all of 'em. I’ll post a schedule at some point here and then have you PM for location details.


will you be providing motorcycle parking? Also do you have those little pencils like they do at the putt putt?



wow, what is it, weather station?


Yes, it’s a Davis GroWeather. :slight_smile:


Looks like wind speed/direction, temperature, dew point, pressure, rain bucket. Did I miss anything?

We use something similar at work. Pretty cool to have such a nice setup at the house. I have something very basic for the house, but I do not believe it’s terrible accurate.


solar irradiance :slight_smile:


I had to look that one up! That was not something that we needed, but I see how useful it would be for agriculture.


Garage intake and exhaust vents :slight_smile:


Richard, will you be connected to weather underground?


Yes, in a week or two.


Today I planted 4 citrus in the upgraded holes – hopefully that ends the saga of the ugly clay holes. Also the golf course lighting was installed :slight_smile:


Simply beautiful Richard. One of these day, you will have to give me a tour of your place when I am in Cali.