Home Renovation II


As of this hour my home is a job site by day and the local Residence Inn is our home at night. We hope to be finished in 4-5 weeks. Photo essay to follow …


First the movers pack up our furnishings and take them to storage.


If I were you, I’d have done the upgrades before the marriage! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I already did upgrades on the house and property 3 years ago … Now we are doing Janet’s upgrades!!


Cool beans…keep us posted!


Are you doing this by yourself? Or are you hiring a general contractor?
Our home has been a construction site since November 7th. Still got at least one month worth of work to go. But the end is in sight:)


The scope of work and labor was too large for us to complete in a timely fashion so I hired a general contractor. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


I hope your GC is better than the one we hired.right now we are on our second GC and suing the first one. Not saying it’ll happen to you but prepare for the worst hope for the best. Below link is for PA contactor look up. Your state might have something similar too. Look up your guy and do all your research. We got burned badly. We’ve been pretty much homeless for month now with two kids under 5 yrs old. Not easy taking care of two kids under 5 in a fully functioning home, so imagine our situation now. Don’t mean to rain on your parade at all, just needed to vent a little :blush:




It’s not my first experience with contractors – of many trades. There’s definitely a learning curve.


The house is now empty and the contractor came today for inspection. Tomorrow they start demolition. :construction:


So what are you renovating?


What will be done? I’m glad you don’t have to stay in the house during construction. We were lucky to have most of the needed remodeling prior to moving into a 1980s original. We had all new windows, paint in and out, new tigerwood floors, and a new roof. We still have a 2nd story deck, kitchen and bath counters to go. Then the most important : new raised beds. BTW, a belated congratulations on the marriage!

  1. The garage: Installing wallboard in the ceiling; moving the intake vents from south side to north side; installing cyclone vents in the ceiling.
  2. Kitchen: new backsplash all the way around.
  3. Electrical: front porch light switch will also control lights for rear porches; new switch will control two new outdoor A/C outlets for holiday lighting; new switch for living room outlets.
  4. Sunroom: existing sunroom (made with mobile home parts) demolished and replaced with standard insulated walls.
  5. New roof on entire house including 7.5" insulation.
  6. Solar: new system installed on sunroom roof.
  7. Insulation installed in all exterior facing walls.
  8. New shower in master bathroom.
  9. Replacing closet in 2nd bedroom with built in shelving to use as office.
  10. Replace all flooring.
  11. New stained glass windows in living room.
  12. Outdoors: new vegetable beds; new cap tile on all planter beds; new tree rings made of 4"x16" Legacy block; a 9 hole miniature golf course through the fruit trees; a 16"x16" patio and wood fireplace; weed cloth covered with 3/4" recycled concrete on paths and open spaces.


Last weekend Janet and picked out a 3rd fountain to go between her Walnut tree and the Katy Apricot. So yesterday I tapped into the existing water supply line, installed a 3/4" ‘T’ for a water “refresh” line, installed conduit for water valve control wires and A/C power to the fountain pump. To cover up the hardware, I dug a shrub planter and tapped into an existing irrigation line to provide water to the yet-to-be-determined trailing shrub. After letting all the glue dry overnight I turned the outdoor water line back on this morning and no leaks! :slight_smile: I then buried the pipes and put the fountain in place. Whew! :sweat_smile:


Also today, the contractor began demolishing the sunroom :slight_smile:


THAT looks familiar!


… and by evening they finished!

From the inside:

From the outside!


Wow, big project! What’s your timeframe for all that work? I’m sure it will be fantastic when it’s finished.


It would take me about three years, so I’m hoping the contractor can finish it in less than 3 months.


Today they built and put up the frame for the new rear wall of the sunroom. :slight_smile: