Home Renovation II


Now the side walls are up and tomorrow the roof girders arrive.


Today a 2nd carpenter showed up and started gutting various portions of the inside.


Lookslike you’re reusing the old foundation


Yes, it was already up to code.


Holy moly. That was fast! That was not a small sunroom, either. It will be so lovely when it’s all done!


Hotel Life :dog: :dog2:


Electrical in, floors out.


There were four workers here today. These photos show: further demolition in the master bath, completion of dry wall in garage ceiling, and humorous bumper sticker on back of contractor’s trailer. :slight_smile:


Girders on the rebuilt sunroom, a new wall frame to partition the office from the media room, and a whole lot more infrastructure. :slight_smile:


Windows and doors were added to the sunroom today.


Does your wife call this a sunroom … and you secretly know it is actually going to be a greenhouse? :grinning:


Looks like your addition is going to be done before mine. And mine started in November! What a nightmare it’s been. I’m happy it’s moving so fast for you.



She’s been telling me about orchid placement …



It is fascinating to see the differences in construction process from here to there. (I grew up working with/for my dad as a plumber.)

Here the usual process is frame, then outside sheeting, roof, shingles, and windows after those are done. So putting windows in before the sheeting and roof just looks odd to me.

Some folks say we are many different nations in one (not just states bound by one federal system). I can see their point the more I travel or see about the country.


Our living room … the workshop! Plus the beginning of built-in cabinets in the study.


One of two stained glass windows framed for installation in the living room.


Ha, that’s funny! Stained glass with oranges, when you can see real ones through your window! :grinning:


Yes, and the other frame is lemons. :slight_smile:


Shed footings, tar papered sunroom, built in cabinets, and installed stain glass windows.