Home Renovation II


It’s all coming together very nicely, Richard. Thanks for keeping us posted.


Wow, the sunroom looks fantastic, they are moving right along. Where is the shed going?


The shed foundation on the left in the photo is for irrigation, the other – partially visible on the right is for tools. Both will be built on top of the foundations in their current location.


Have you picked an exterior paint color? I see all the swatches on the wall :slight_smile: How fun, the house and yard will be a showcase when you’re done!


The interior will remain yellow, green, and orange – room by room – except the sunroom which will be off-white with pure white trim. The exterior color is the last swatch on the right, Almost Ochre.


Richard now you have it all. Awesome orchard, wonderful house, and an intelligent wife. Your place looks good. You and Janet have done a super job on your place.


Yes, it seems odd to me too. I have framed out west and here in Michigan and never have seen windows or electrical go in in first. Electrical and mechanical go in after framing is done to prevent nails from poking into important things. I have stood lots of walls without sheeting on them out west. Here we sheet the walls put Tyvek on and wood siding and overhangs before raising them. Then we put the windows and doors in. I’m not saying it can’t be done though as long as the jams are not sticking in to far on the inside. Here most windows are made to the thickness of the walls with sheeting and drywall. We do get some skinny jammed windows that will get extensions with the trim carpenter. I’m sure it will come together nicely and Richard and his wife will be happy.


This house – including the new sunroom has no exterior sheeting.


Office shelving and cabinets, ready for doors!


One shed, going up!


The sheds they came a two by two …


22 pallets of masonry block for tree basin and planter bed edging.


Porcelain tile.


Taj Mahal!!:grin:



Two park benches. Some assembly required.


So fast … :astonished:


This is a major project,Richard and I thought your irrigation work was a lot. Brady


Sunroom is gonna be real nice Richard, congrats!


The flooring crew started grouting the new tile in the main part of the house today.

Meanwhile, it appears our “pet” elephant is an SDSU Aztec fan :slight_smile: