Home Renovation II


Today the roof was finished, the sheds were prepped for stucco, and work begun on the veggie beds :slight_smile:


Did you decide to pay someone to finish your vegetable beds? i enjoyed your post when you were building them. Learned a bit more about concrete.


Yes, I built the first one as a model. :slight_smile:


Today the 2" conduit line for irrigation control wires was extended into the sunroom where the controllers will reside.


… and the tree rings begin …


Today the roof frames went on the sheds, the veggie beds are closer to completion … and the tree rings go around and around :musical_note:


Wow! Amazing work. It’s a 100% custom space, inside and out. Everything has a place and seems to be well thought out. Congrats and enjoy!


Blueberry planter


That looks very nice @richard. Will the pipes (conduit?) sticking up from the blocks be used as a support structure to net the bushes?


Yes, for fencing to keep our dogs out!


what kind of sun will the blueberries get on that side of the house?


Morning 'till just past noon.


The first coat of stucco went on the sunroom and sheds today.


Richard, what do you do for soil in the beds? That grey stuff that makes up the ground there is very different from the stuff we call soil here in Iowa. :wink: Looks like Portland cement to me.


Hi Richard
That’s a nice renovation project you’ve got going. What state are you in? Arizona? My brother has some citrus trees in his backyard in Phoenix, AZ. Your climate is obviously much drier than here in Virginia – almost seems like a different country where you live. Love the windows in your sunroom. A dumb question – are the sheds for garden tool storage or will do serve as an outdoor work space? Your irrigation project is interesting. Here, if we have a drier spell, I especially hit the peach trees to let them soak up water. Errr – actually I think it’s time to thin my peaches out! I think one hand width is the standard.


I am contracting a local soils firm to produce 25 cu.yds. of mix mostly containing horticultural sand and peat moss.

I’m in northwest Vista, California.

The shed on the right is for outdoor tools, the one on the left is for fertigation. I employ 3 formulas of water-soluble fertilizers on different irrigation circuits in my yard, and occasionally chemigate as well.


For those of you following the plight of my Midknight Valencia Orange … it too has become part of my renovation project.

So this morning a few guys came over with a 90-lb jackhammer and spade attachment. They dug a 1-foot diameter hole down another 30" or so below the 32" inch depth of the craters we dug last week. What they found was about 10" of semi-permeable caliche sands followed by an undetermined depth of thick dark muck characteristic of marine estuaries.

Since there is a steady downward gradient to the east, I’ve decided to install a French Drain from each of these 4 tree holes towards my retaining wall which has a gravel backing and drains leading to the property behind me about 5 feet below.

Midknight Valencia Orange

What is the elevation of your property? Brady


It just looks so foreign to what my yard looks like, and amazing that trees grow out of sand! Here in Virginia, we’re made fun of for having red clay soil, and I find lots of rocks every time I dig a hole. I’ve got a lot of my trees circled in rocks to keep mowers away! Although SOMEBODY (no one has claimed responsibility) hit my Carmine Jewel bush with the weed wacker – it was still a whip I planted last year. Everything above the whack died, and I’ve got some growth at the very bottom.


Digging in Virginia is almost always a great workout.