Home Renovation II


Marine regression sequence for the win! Yay geology!


About 460 ft.


Progress …



Richard! Your trees are exploding out of the ground. It is unbelievable to me as to how fast your trees grow! I have so much to look forward to. :heart:


I was thinking the same thing then I read your comment, lol! It must be all the love Richard gives them in his Cal. environment.


I think that is a testament to how well Richard irrigates and fertilizing his plants because the soil looks horrendous. Looks like moon dust to me. In the east we typically seeing darker soil with more organic matter. That looks like grey gravel and dust.


While lots of down & dirty tree ring installation is going on in the orchard, the carpenter/electrician has been busy with the house. Today an outlet was placed in front that is switched from the inside and dedicated to holiday lighting. Also, a recessed power outlet with cable conduit was installed directly behind where our wall mounted video screen will be placed.


while the walls are open, are you pulling cat5/fiber?


Actually I installed conduit in the walls and then pulled cat6 in places, speaker wires in others, etc.


Are the stone tree circles for decoration or do they serve some other purpose?


Think of it as Stonehedge II ;).

No actually the blocks are to maintain the perimeters of the basins around my trees to hold 70 gallons of water and structurally contain 3" to 4" of mulch in each basin.


Wow! Everything looks great! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen drywall hung so clean. …And I did construction for a lot of years. The Tapers are sure going to have an easy job!


The same crew will do the taping :grinning:


Our sunroom floor


Sweet tile!!


who picked the tile? you or your wife? tile and kitchen furniture discussions are the top reasons divorces happen lol.


We got inspired by the entry pattern at Cheesecake Factory restaurants. Then the search began! The only way to get the marbled yellow was to go with Limestone and the other two colors almost came easily after that. The snag was getting beige in both 12"x12" and 12"x24". So the yellow and black came from Bedrosians, and the beige came from Arizona Tile. A bit of an adventure but we’re very happy with the end result. :slight_smile:


In spite of on-going renovation around it, our “tree” rose is in full bloom :heart:


This afternoon I planted a Trailing Rosemary, Cuphea, Red Carpet Rose, and Dwarf Leptospermum. For soil remediation I mixed the native with ground sphagnum peat moss.