Home Renovation II


The stucco finish coat was sprayed on this morning!


The bananas survived!


Moving right along. You have been very busy, lots of hard work, looking good. Is there still room for your golf course?


Yes, still several days away from the start of that phase.


Richard, how big is your land all together?


It’s a square 1/4 acre. :grinning:


Wow, looking at the pictures(before I heard about golf course!) I thought at least an acre :grinning:


If you ever decide to sell your house in the future, let us know!


As of today, the landscape workers have only 8 of the 22 pallets of “tree ring” blocks left to install. Meanwhile the interior walls of the house have been sealed and interior painting begins tomorrow!!


Day 69 of 95 in the hotel …


Indoors … still prepping for paint. Outdoors … the trenches were dug for the French drains whose pipes will travel from the 4 problem Citrus holes to a landscape drain pipe at the rear (east) of the yard.


Did they use a trencher or dig by hand? @I dug mine my hand which was a lot of fun lol.


4" trench shovels. :slight_smile:


Ouch! My back hurts just thinking about that lol.


Wow weeeeeeee!!!


Today we had 20 yards removed into two rolloffs, french drain pipes installed, weedblock and gravel placed in the vineyard area, pulls (handles) installed in the kitchen, and fresh paint in two rooms :slight_smile:


What are you replacing it with? Topsoil or regular dirt? I wish I could remove about 12 inches of the topsoil in one part of my yard. Looks like gray concrete sludge and smells bad.


@bleedingdirt … The dirt came from various excavations: veggie beds, base course of blocks around trees, grading for a patio, and of course the nasty clay in those 4 citrus holes. In a sense some it has or will be replaced with masonry – and the remainder will be replaced by 3 soil mixes I’m having A1 Soils manufacturer next week.

Here’s the frame of my indoor cabinet for the irrigation controllers:


One patio coming up!


Dang your yards going to look great! What is the rennovation going to set you back?