Home Renovation II


Labor and materials about $140k, plus $14k for 95 days at the hotel incl. food and another $3k for moving and storage of furnishings. :slight_smile:


Cue in to dropped jaws and claims of how that buys a house in any other part of the country! :smile:


It looks like Richard is getting a brand new house PLUS a golf course. :slight_smile:


Not all parts


Patio pavers were installed today …


Moving right along … patio fireplace under construction, living room and sunroom painted, along with the orange hallway bathroom :slight_smile:


Today we pulled cord through all the outdoor electrical conduits, then pulled about 500’ of control wire bundles (18g x 5 & 18g x 10). Soon we’ll also pull the 110V wires through the landscape lighting conduit.


Thanks Jennifer (@puggylover75) :heart:


As of today the fire pit in the new patio is finished, park benches are installed, brick work around small planters is mostly finished, and installation of conduit for the golf course has begun. :slight_smile:


Richard, I must say I have never before seen an example of workman working on the owners schedule before. Brilliant! Please tell me about your negotiations in a pm. I am about to have just the front of my house painted before sale which is all it needs. Help!!! Thanks Mrs. G!


I believe Richard is acting as the general contractor for his project


Actually the GC is Morten Kruse, one of the few contractors I’ve ever met who can handle a project of this size and still smile at every turn.


Today the rebar and forms are being put in place for miniature golf course concrete pour on Monday :slight_smile:


One putt-putt course coming up!


Looks great Richard.


what kind of turf for the putt-putt? synthetic?


Are you going to put in cool props on the putt putt course?


@Moley, yes I’m using synthetic golf course turf.

@Mickster – Janet has been picking out stuff for months!


Two of the window coverings installed today


Today the new shower doors are being installed and gravel with weed-block cloth is being placed everywhere there is not a planter. :heart: