Homemade fertilizer

I know now is not the time for fertilizing, but I was wondering if anyone uses homemade fertilizer for their apple and pear trees(water, epsom salt, vinegar etc)? Also what amounts do you use?. I would be mixing it in a large 375 gallon tank, most likely only 150 gallons worth.Would it be safe to put on younger trees/first year grafts? Thanks

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grow yourself a patch of bocking 4/ 14 hybrid comfrey. lots of biomass and free organic fertilizer . similar NPK of manure. been using it for 4 yrs. here w/ great results. bought a cheap scythe to cut it down quickly. i chop and drop around my plants and dry some to use for spring fertilizer.


Can you expand on this? Where do you purchase this? How do you plant it? Is it perennial? Thanks so much!

The best home made fertilizer is your own urine. Furthermore, it’s free

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I’ve been reading up on this. How do you store it so that you’re able to get a significant amount without it turning to ammonia?

Any container with a top. I use gallon jugs.

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google hybrid comfrey roots. i got mine from coes comfrey. they grow from root cuttings and come back every year . in my short summer , i get 2 cuttings from them. i let them establish the 1st year then lightly harvest the 2nd. by year 3 they’re 5 by 5ft. bush. i have about a doz. in the yard now. make sure where you put them is where they will stay. their seed is sterile but you can never completely remove them. any tiny pieces of root left. will grow another plant. lots of info. online about comfrey. a nice looking plant to boot! i get complements on mine all the time.

i dump mine on a pile of hardwood sawdust. composts it pretty quickly.

So as long as it is a closed container it won’t go bad?

It never has for me.

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Can it be applied to 1st year grafts?

I give it to all of my first year trees that are dormant planted in January.
I let them leaf out and start feeding in May.

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