Honey Fire Nectarines

Fruitnut, you seem to be the only one growing these. :smile: How are these? I’m glad they are listing the variety somewhere. The Peaches were labeled…Peaches. :unamused:

Honey Lite and Honey Fire are both dynamite cultivars. I can’t tell the taste apart but don’t have that much experience with Lite. Family here now give these two thumbs up. The flavor is outstanding. But like most low acid varieties if the brix isn’t there they won’t have that great flavor.

Thanks, I will try them out. They are supposedly $6 for a 4 lb clamshell.

I have the possibility of buying a honey fire tree, do you recommend it to me? Is it as good as honey blaze and honey royal?

I have seen that it has the same date of maturation as honey blaze and that makes me doubt and I would like to know your opinion

I like this fruit a lot. As I remember it’s a little earlier than Honey Blaze. Yes I’d recommend trying it. Especially if you like the other Honey series you’ve tried.

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@fruitnut, would you also recommend Honey Blaze? I see that the patent on it will be expiring this December so I’d like to try grafting it in spring if there are any scions available for trade.

I’d recommend all of the Honey series but only if you can achieve a high brix. Doing that can be difficult in humid climates.

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Thanks @fruitnut. This year would have probably been no problem with the severe drought we’ve had all summer. I’d likely try this one out in a pot first to control water more easily since I’ve had good success with container growing other stone fruit.

I grew honeyblaze and royale in pots for a few years outdoors and they turned out really great. Blaze was earlier and a clingstone were as royale was a good bit later aND a true freestone. Both sized up pretty good for container fruit bit did require adequate thining to get fruit size up.

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Thanks @wildscaper. Despite a few downsides, I’ve enjoyed growing some fruit trees in containers, especially ones that I might not be able to grow otherwise.

Trader Joe’s sells them too - we had a couple of boxes - first rate fruit