Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


I don’t know, as I’ve got a bunch of varieties- maybe Raf has done a bagged test with it and can let us know. But, why not add more? The more trees you add, the better chance you’ll get some to try soon. It also increases your long term yield :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to add another tree, you could graft Honey Jar or So onto the Sugar Cane.


we bagged several branches of sc last year and the fruit set was low. We had two or three relatively small fruits which formed but were tasteless, and the pits were soft and seedless.

open-pollinated sc’s generally have hard pits, often with viable pips inside. SC pips have relatively high rates of germination.
shoud note that bagging studies may inherently negatively affect fruit formation, even if the cultivar is truly self-fertile.[quote=“BobVance, post:461, topic:9740”]
why not add more? The more trees you add, the better chance you’ll get some to try soon. It also increases your long term yield

i agree, with a number of cultivars, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Often advise ‘embracing diversity’, especially when new to jujus.
after two or three years of growing several varieties, you could topwork lackluster varieties with cultivars you may already have found productive and bearing good quaity fruits in your area.


just checked your profile and saw you’re in zone 5b. Was wondering if you planted your jujube tree out in the open-- far from overhanging trees/buildings/shadows… Jujube trees being grown in regions with short growing seasons generally require getting as much direct sunlight. Jujus tend to leaf out late, which may protect flowers from frost, but may be a disadvantage since leafing out late results in less overall photosynthesis.

the only way to remedy this is to situate your trees at the sunniest part of your yard. Or plant them in areas where the trees will ultimately be much taller than the surrounding trees/structures, or at least taller than the shadows being cast on them by the structures. Where we’re at, juju trees generally form canopies at about ~10 to 15 feet tall and at about 5 years of age, so best to plant them where surrounding structures or trees are 15 feet or shorter.


Thank you for your reply, you are right, my Jujube tree is partly shaded, it only gets about 4 to 5 hours of sunlight under a big Elm tree.
I’m still considering the Honey Jar for pollination,
Where can I buy Jujube tree at this time of year?


not sure if you have lowe’s, but here in las vegas, lowe’s is the only big box store which offers jujus as potted specimens from spring to end of summer. Unfortunately quite pricey compared to other fruit trees, and lowe’s only offers li and lang.

otherwise you’d have to wait until spring next year to buy bare-root hj’s and other uncommon cultivars.
burntridge nursery, raintree nursery, nuttrees.net, and edible landscaping are the more popular ones where you could order honey jar from. In spring, that is.

often sold out, and if not, costs >35$ each[quote=“Kim, post:464, topic:9740”]
you are right, my Jujube tree is partly shaded, it only gets about 4 to 5 hours of sunlight under a big Elm tree.

4-5 hrs at zone 5b sounds quite deficient. Pleased to hear though that it survives your winters and is actually blooming.
if it is not too big, you might want to dig it up and plant it in the sunniest part of your property. Probably best to do it in late winter or early spring, before it leafs out.


I don’t think that any big box stores in her area will offer jujubes- I’ve never seen it at any near me, including Lowes. Given their superior performance in LV (compared to other trees, which probably wilt and run screaming) you would think that more places would offer it. Given that only one offers jujubes where they thrive, it isn’t surprising that they aren’t offered in marginal areas.

$35 would be a bargain for a nice specimen. I’d suggest ordering from Trees of Antiquity or Bay Laurel and both will charge more than that, especially once you include shipping. But there looks to be a 2+ year difference in size between the smaller ones sent out by nurseries (like OGW) and the premium ones from CA. Part of that is likely that they grow faster in the warm sunny areas, so it makes sense to get plants which have already taken advantage of the growth spurt.

4-5 hours will probably let it live, but you may not see much (any?) fruit. Transplanting during the winter sounds like a good idea, though I’d prefer to just cut down the elm :wink: More sun to grow things in and no transplant shock.

I have a So with most-of-the-day sun- it misses a few hours in the late afternoon and very early morning (due to houses- no cutting them down). On the South facing part of the tree it is heavily laden. On the North (less sun) it only has a handful of fruit (< 1/10th as much).


you got that right. Even lowe’s, which used to sell thick caliper trees at 38$ last year is now selling them at 44$ apiece, and at flimsy calipers. Only the pot is the same size :confused: So darn difficult to advocate for jujube trees if the cost and quality of specimens keep getting in the way…

yeah, our tiny massandra from ogw didn’t fruit last year, and even though it is now already fruiting, the fruits are tinier in development than honey jar, which makes me think specimen is either still too scrawny to produce massandra-sized fruit, or it is another cultivar by mistake.

if it were my elm, would chop it down too


My HJ is looking sad.





Not sure what happened but I agreed with you. Hopefully, it will pull through.



The growth around it looks very happy. Might that have been from a foliar?


I have a sugarcane as well that is doing well. For both of them the soil I mixed into the clay had miracle grow mix. I think the lack of roots probably didn’t help.


Maybe too much vodka in the baby’s koolaid. Sounds like something I would do…


Yikes, that sure is not a happy guy at all. Some definite stress going on with him. Maybe its just waiting to develop more roots before it has that burst of growth that all the others had back in Spring (April/May) before the heart of summer. Could just be too hot for it now? I don’t know.


It looks like it is in prison with the cage around it. But, I guess you probably have deer to keep out. I have jujubes planted at 3 rentals. 1 (where I have the most planted) has been completely fine. The 2nd site has had them pruned once, but 6-8" of newish growth was left (only the tip was eaten). The 3rd site had them eaten back almost to the trunk (possibly twice). Thankfully, there are only 2 trees each at the 2nd and 3rd sites.

Mine hasn’t put on all that much size (nothing like Katy’s), but it is growing a bit.

I’m not sure if anyone else does it, but I decided to try branch bending on a few of mine. Sometimes, the branch shoots up almost vertically along the trunk. Here’s an example where I am correcting that.

GA 866 by driveway:

For the higher (and younger) growth, I’m using clothspins:


Yours look very good Bob. I have a Sugar Can doing well. I do have a real deer problem around my area. I think I will cut out some cardboard and put around it. I like your pic showing weed and grass control.


Your HJ has really grown since last picture. Have you gotten fruit from your GA 866? I haven’t ever tried weighting any limbs but I wonder if it would make any difference on jujubes since they put out the fruiting lateral branchlets. I know that on my Li I wish that it would put out more upright growth than lateral. It’s like a short, really fat bush… :flushed: I’m trying to decide what varieties to put in next year.



No, it is only a 2nd year tree and notoriously stingy with fruiting. I had a graft for a couple years that didn’t fruit either. From what I can see, it has some flowers, but not many. I had heard that it is hard to get fruit in areas which aren’t hot, so I put it right next to my driveway, with very close to full dawn to dusk sun. I also grafted another variety on (and have 2 others 5’ away) to help with pollination. Add in a bit of branch bending…Even so, it may be a bit of a long-shot.

Speaking of flowers, in the last week mine have finally started to set for at least a few varieties (So and Honey Jar so far). They are in the tiny-acorn stage and there are lots of pollinators (ants, tiny bees and wasps).

That’s not a bad thing. I’m actually pretty happy with the shape my So took naturally. It is about 8’ tall by 8’ wide.

Well, if you already have Sugar Cane, Honey Jar, and Li, then I would think that Contorted (zig-zag structure, also called So) and Shanxi Li (large fruit) might also be interesting. Both are offered by Bay Laurel, which I think uses the same supplier as the EL HJ. There are other varieties to add (Sihong, Autumn Beauty, and Redlands), but they aren’t sold by any nurseries I know of, other than JFaE (the first 2 at least), and they have been out of stock for a year or more. But, given the good growth you see, you should have plenty of spots to graft to.


sorry to see that @BobC , if it does not re-sprout, you could always graft your thriving sugar cane with hj.


RAF I have some grafting in mind. I have your seeds growing great! Three HJ and six of other unknown jujube seeds. I’m really hoping it pulls out. Call me copy cat :smile: