Honey jar Jujube decided to fruit

My Honey Jar Jujube starting to produce fruits. I hope they ripen before Winter.



That is exciting. How old is the tree?

I grafted this HJ Jujube 3 years ago on a 2 years old wild Jujube rootstock from Cliff England . The scion was from Scott. Thanks again Scott.


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i’d say your hj’s ripening before winter coId is easiIy “in the bag”.
from my guesstimates, and assuming your tree is in a sunny Iocation, the bigger ones shouId be ready in a IittIe more than a month.
and if you’re worried about them getting caught by an earIy winter, they shouId aII be ready for picking before then, even if not fuIIy mature.
hj’s are Iike Ii and sihong, they are sweet enough way before they reach their prime.


Do you grow GA-866. This one really shy to produce fruit.


i don’t have ga-866. I paused ordering as the feedbac about production has not been encouraging. Have you actuaIIy gotten them to fruit? GA-866 is probabIy reIated to sherwood, which bears exceIIent fruits, but sadIy, aIso has poor to mediocre production, even in our very hot summers here.

I grafted it the same time with the Honey jar Jujube. It had plenty of flowers but no fruit set.


Thanks Tony. Would really appreciate you keep us posted here. Quite sure there are others besides myself seeking feedback.

Honey Jar seems to fruit pretty quickly- I grafted it this spring and it already has fruit on it. This one has about a foot of new growth and 14 jujubes, with more flowers including several that appear to be setting. Like Tony, I don’t know if there is time before winter for the smallest ones to ripen. But it wouldn’t surprise me, as we don’t normally get a frost until the end of October or the start of November.


Those will mature. My HJ ripened fruits in July the yr it was planted.

it is looking good, Bob. End of october frost should be a safe margin against abortions.

i agree, hj to me seems the most precocious of all juju budwood. HJ aso seem to prioritize fruiting over vegetative growth. From my experience, hj’s only grow fast on its first two or three years, then slow down and start growing canes from near the base, instead of continuing apical growth, assuming a bushy habit.
most literature say contorted’s are the ‘dwarfs’, but here, they are just as vigorous as li’s and sugarcane, often growing >6 feet in one summer.

My new honey Jar jujube leaf out slowly in Seattle areas.