Honey jar jujube-no growth yet

I planted 2 jujube bareroots in Feb, sugarcane has greened up. But Honey jar show no sign of life. Does it normally wake up later?

I’m in Zone 7a/6b. I don’t have Honey Jar, but my 3 Jujubes woke up already and I see yellow-green tufts. I recall Jujube’s waking up later than my other fruit trees when I first planted them. I find it is hard to see what’s going on with jujubes because they don’t have obvious leaf bud swelling.

Take note and pictures so in case you need to make a claim about dead trees.

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I did read this on Burnt Ridge Nursery.

Jujubees, mulberries, persimmons, peaches nectarines and dogwoods can sometimes delay breaking dormancy until mid summer.”

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You planted it bare root. Jujubes usually wake up late esp. when they are first year in ground. I would wait and see.

If you want to, do a scratch test on the trunk of the tree. If cambium is green, the tree is fine.


My friend and i both got the honey jar jujube, and neither of our plants have woken up yet. But I had a sugarcane and thats leafed out…i am thinking some varities wake up later than others

I’m in zone VA 7a. My recently planted bare root So Contorted and Sugar Cane have tiny green tufts, So budded out about a week earlier. I’m still waiting on my honey jar from Raintree, they won’t ship until May.

My jujube trees are just beginning to show signs of life in the last couple of days. They do wake up late, including Honey Jar.

Thank you!

I’m in SoCal, and I also purchased two jujube for the first time from a nursery. Both trees were in 5-7 gallon pots but no leaves when I purchased them a month ago. The two varieties are Honey Jar and Sugar Cane. Today my Sugar Cane tree has lots of leaves and looking healthy. The Honey Jar is just starting to show a few buds opening up so it seems to be the later one to wake up.

My Honey Jar in 6a Rocky Mountain foothills hasn’t woken up. I’m a little worried too.

Late frosts are a chronic problem here as with the Mountain West generally, which I think is one of the big reasons the local Ag station has been recommending Jujube cultivation.

My two jujubes and my CHE both had little green buds and leaves starting… when we got a couple nights in the mid 20s… early March ? which took out my J plums… and frosted the new growth on CHE and Jujube.

CHE is sending out new growth now… Not sure if the Jujubes are yet… but I am sure they will in time.

My Zestar! apples already have leaves on them all be it small but my pink lady, fuji cultivars, Mountain Rose and the one I always forget the name of are not out yet. It does seem certain cultivar come out far more early than others even in my zone 5b area.

Trees with larger root systems wake up earlier. Sugarcane is no earlier than plants of the same size, age and root development.

Jujubes are among the last fruit trees to wake up.
Small jujubes are even later.
Newly planted jujubes are later still.


Autumn Beauty is the latest here, it’s a small plant though.

Checked my two 4 yr olds this evening and yes they are leafing out now again… after getting frosted earlier.

Got a sugar cane and shanxi li barefoot jujube early April from raintree nursery and I’m finally noticing very small green hints of budding. A 3 year old honey jar has leafed out about 2 weeks ago. It’s gotten in the 80s last week here in zone 7a SE PA so that might have helped break out of dormancy although it’s back to highs in the 50s and 60s this week.


Interesting, I’m still waiting for my honey jar jujube to be shipped from Raintree. Their site says they won’t ship Spring pre-orders until after 5/1, not sure how you got on their VIP shipping list :slightly_smiling_face:

No sign of life yet in the honey jar, sugarcane greening up nicely in VA zone 7a. But it was planted as bareroot in early to mid feb…

I am zone 5 Colorado and I have been getting trees, bushes and ground covers from Raintree all last week and this week. If you order early from Raintree it is good because they ship earlier and have a presale site wide. Every July for the first week Raintree has 10% off when they put their trees up and it typically ends up being more than 10% by the end of the year because Raintree loves to raise prices. For example I bought my 4 in 1 pluots at 65 dollars with a 10% discount and they are 100 and 110 dollars now. Even now with some plants I feel I am getting the short end of the stick with them. I heard some got a 6 in 1 mirabelle plum and when I requested they try to give me all varieties they gave me the same varieties with one having some branches so small that it looked like a 3 in 1 to me. Keep in mind I ordered in July so those with May shipping are getting last pickings.