Honey kist nectarine

Oh my gosh. I will apologize for this pic, could not stop eating it. If you aren’t growing this one you neeeed to, it is amazing. Fruit nut is right about these honey nectarines. We haven’t had any rain in a month, and the flavor and sweetness of this will knock your socks off


Does it go well with cold Michelob or two? :slight_smile:

Jason thats the combo! Jalepenos, beer and nectarines. What could be better! Love the pic!

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I apologize for the bottles in the picture, not intentional. But the nectarine is blow your socks off good. These honey series may be the one fruit that could be as good as flavor king. Only bad thing I just planted kist and blaze last year so not enough fruit on them, maby 12 to 15 on each one . Think I will add honey royalle. Ime telling you soooo sweet plus a great flavor just like fruit nut describes them. There is some red in the flesh and again the flavor is amazing. We are getting arctic star now and for me kist blows it away.

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Fruitnut seems to agree.

I have a Honey Kist and there are at least two fruit presently.The tree is in a pot,inside a greenhouse,on the second year.
Wow Jason,your area must get some heat to ripen them now.The greenhouse does usually get fairly hot,but cools off at night to about 50F.It could be the age also.
That’s good to know about the flavor. Brady

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We had a early spring, but yes it has been hot. 90 to 95 for last 2 weeks. Missouri weather, cold in the winter hot as you know what in the summer. The honey kist have sugar spots all over them, they are very sweet. But Iwhat makes it good to me is the great flavor with all that sweet. They combine to make an awesome piece of fruit. I think flavor king has some competition. Good luck with yours, hopefully yours will turn out awesome

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Were did you get Honey Blaze?

I got it through adams county nursery. I tried to get royalle as well but they were out. Will definitely be adding it, I wish now I would have checked on it this spring, but I didn’t. Next year

Huh, I have not seen that on there site in years. That is were I got mine from about five years ago. It fruited for a few years before it died do to an irrigation mishap while I was on vacation. Hadn’t seen it for sale since. Ill check it again this winter. Incidently Blaze was better for me than Royale but I think I may have been picking Royale too soon. Blaze was awsome.

My 2 blaze are just 2 years in ground, and they send me a catalog every year and they have it in the catalog. Log into their Web site as a comercial grower, and you will see it.

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Alas no Honeys for those of us up north

Are you a commercial grower or are you able to order it as a backyard grower?

No I am not. I requested a catalog a few years ago and blaze and royalle were in it. So I called and ordered them. They were out of royalle that year so I got 2 blaze. I also log in to Web site as a comercial grower because there are more varieties available. If you want blaze or royalle I would suggest calling them. I will definitely be checking on royalle after tasting honey kist.

I just ordered a Blaze from ACN. I have grown Honey Royale for long enough for the tree to have had two small crops, although last year the tree was large enough to have expected a much larger one. I’m not sure if productivity will be a problem here in the northeast based on that, but it does produce fruit with insanely high sugar- I measured mine at about 28 and my next closest nectarine last year was about 16.

I don’t like it more than some of my lower brix varieties- don’t need that much sugar, but it is certainly interesting to have a tropical level of sweetness in a nectarine. The problem is that the high sugar makes the fruit exceptionally attractive to squirrels and other wildlife. The first year mine fruited it disappeared way before it was ripe when other varieties were left alone.

I’d say 28 brix is very optimistic. Don’t think you’ll see that again soon especially with a full crop. I like Honey Royale a lot at 18 brix. That’s more like what people might expect under good conditions IMO.

Thanks, you didn’t break that news to me when I posted the reading originally. I think I might prefer it a bit less syrupy, but I’d certainly still grow it if that was the norm. Imagine the culinary possibilities!

I will happily settle for a consistent 18.

Ate another honey kist today, the tree was just planted last year and it is on citation so It is about a third of the size on the 2 honey blaze which are on lovell. The wasnt alot of fruit on it and there is only 7 left,something has been helping itself to some the last few nights. I hate to beat a dead horse but the flavor is out of this world, if you aren’t growing this you should. We are also eating flavor supreme, and arctic star and they just aren’t in the same league. I don’t know how blaze could be any better but I can’t wait to find out. I have a question for fruitnut, if I pick the rest of the kist which aren’t quite ripe will they ripen up as good as on the tree. They are close but not quite there, but I am afraid something may get the rest.

I haven’t done that much. But once some are getting ripe the rest should do well if picked and ripened at room temperature. Or hold some in the fridge and ripen as needed.

The only honey series peach I’ve eaten is Honey Lite and it was garishly sweet. I don’t think I had my refractometer at the time so not sure what the brix was. Im growing Honey Royale and hope to get a few next year to samplr. I prefer peaches with more acid. I bought some good peaches at Sam’s that had a lot of acid to balance the sweet. Brix was only 14 but I really enjoyed it.