Honey Punch pluot, Who grows it?

Flavor King ripened for me in my Delaware property in the first half of Sep, so for you I’d expect the second half of September. If it does well for you, you will not care about any other pluot in that part of the season! I am going to plant two trees of it in my new property, it’s super tasty and one tree is not enough for me…


If some fruit are growing now,this will be a test.

I used to like certain fruit so much I planted two of them. Then, as I have eaten more fruit varieties, I have more diverse taste. That’s when I wonder why I planted two trees of the same fruit? I should have saved spaces for different ones.


I haven’t tried any of your super tasty Euro plums (French Improved, Coe’s, Empress etc.), I guess they are the ones that may compete with FK. However, other pluots of the same season can’t. Last year I invited a few friends to taste my pluots, I served them Flavor King, GeoPride and Flavor Grenade, all but one wear swearing by FK’s taste and said it’s the most amazing piece of fruit they have ever eaten.


I only tried store-bought pluots, except for Spring Satin this year. So, I have very limited experience.

Many European plums have nice flavor and aroma. I am not good at describing it. I like them more than Asian plums, in general. Asian plums tend to be one dimension.

Tree-ripened Pluots are way better than Japanese plums. FK, FS and DD are the best, followed by FG, GeoPride and Splash (I haven’t tried any of the commercial grower varieties). FK, FG and DD can be produced with excellent quality in the mid-Atlantic, not sure about New England, will see in a few years.


Reading all these plum posts it’s getting mind blowing or plum crazy. A couple more weeks need to come up with the winner. Right now there are plenty winners. Reminds me of the fig group. If I had to pick one, I wouldn’t know which one. They all look great. If I had to choose one, I am lost. I like to pick one, one only, which one? What about rootstock for a small tree, another problem.Tippy, you probably got the right answer.


not me, sorry.

A few of my Honey Punch cracked and ants went after them so I picked them today. They were not fully ripe. Flesh was still quite firm, sweet with tart skin. Brix was 22, the highest brix for fruit that have ripened in my yard this year.


Mine are not ready yet. I did pick Flavor Grenade today though. They are still firm and very sweet.

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Mine aren’t ripe, either but they cracked and started to rot.

I still have a few on the tree. I can’t decide if I should pick them now or let them go through another round of 2-3” tomorrow and the day after.


You “crack” me up all the time.

Thanks, Dax.

Want to see how big Honey Punch is. I put a 2x4” organza bag on it, it grew too big so I had to cut open the bag.

With a large egg.


Wow, that is awesome. I had about 8 pluots bloom heavily on native plums for the first time that later got knipped. I’ve been waiting to taste some of this stuff.

I got my first Japanese plum which looked like a US quarter and tasted like perfume. It tasted weird. It was Stark Delicious aka Johnson.

So, this whole thread I keep thinking how big pluots are.


I only tasted 2 pluots this year, Spring Satin and Honey Punch. I like them both. Both had flesh that held their shape well (not very soft like Japanese plums).

Honey Punch skin is quite tart for not fully ripe fruit. Honey Punch is 1.5 x larger than Spring Satin.

Spring Satin is very early and Honey Punch is quite late (mid Sept) for me.


Ppkbuildingsupplies.com is a busted link and possibly out of business. Is there an alternate source for it? The one from DWN seems incomplete.

It’s been awhile since that was posted and I don’t remember what the content was,but here are some.


@Bradybb , @Drew51 , @BobVance , et al,
How your Honey Punch this year? I don’t have any fruit set due to the Feb freeze.

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Mine did well. My graft though has not grown much. I need to find another spot. I got about a dozen fruits. Starting to ripen about now here.


My graft has grown so big, several feet but I put it on a prunus americana that does not grow. It look like the rootstock cannot supoort the tree. It can break any time.

It maybas well that I don’t have any fruit this year. With the rain we have gotten, it will crack. All would be crack, not just some. Serious cracking of this variety is the reason I may not keep the tree.

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