Honey Punch pluot, Who grows it?

A bit jealous of folks who can try these Pluots in their local stores.

I’ve never seen more than 2, and usually only 1, type of plum in my local store.


Do not feel bad. In fact, you should feel good not to be conned into buying those good looking but tasteless plums and pluots from local stores.

Here are the pluots I bought 2 weeks ago. They look good, don’t they.

Don’t let the look fool you. So far, they have not softened after 2 weeks!! They tasted bland (and a bit sour). They must have been picked 3-4 weeks before ripened. I am mad at myself for wasting my money. I should have known better.

Farm stands here offer a bit better quality but not by much. Want good stone fruit? You have to grow them yourself.


Indeed. The only fruit I buy in the store are bananas and lime/lemon for cooking.

Once in a while there will be peaches (not this year) sold in the local market by folks who drove them across the gulf coast to sell. They are worth eating.


If there were any,the Raccoons took them,before ripening.
Speaking of store bought fruit,I picked up these yesterday,from Family Tree Farms.There are a few descriptive words on the package.Plumcots,Plum Cherry and part Plum,part Apricot.So,it’s a little confusing as to what they are,but their flavor is very good.Just about everything I’ve tried,that comes from them is.
There are some called Verry Cherry Plums,developed by Zaiger,which I’ve had,but am not sure if these are the same.


Family tree farms has a huge test orchard where they evaluate stone fruits from about 30 breeders like Zaigers. The best new fruits from all around the world. I can see why you like their fruit. They are trying to grow and sell the best. And pick as close to ripe as possible.

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