Honeybell Tangelos


My blurred point was that if I can’t obtain a Tangelo that is seedless in my orchard (lots of pollinators) and a better taste (in my view) than Minneola then I’d might as well increase the number of Citrus of my own namesake and obtain a Robertson Navel. :smiley:

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Oh, ho ho :slight_smile: Gotcha. Slow on the uptake, tonight. Yup, I have the same issue with a plethora of cross pollinators, so I’ve resigned myself to seeds in most of my citrus, with only a few exceptions. Seedless Kishu is true to its name, and my Cara Cara navel also remains seedless. I really like Cara Cara, it is my navel orange of choice over Washington and others.

Patty S.

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It made me happy to read that. I have 2 of them carrying fruit for the first time this year. :slight_smile:

Oh, Muddy, you’ll just love, love, love them. Slightly sweeter than the well-known Washington navel, and the prettiest pink pulp. Yum.

Good to hear! I tried to search out varieties that I thought would give me and those around me the most pleasure for the effort, even though the very act of picking and sharing citrus here is a pleasure in itself.

In my opinion, the Washington has more of a citrus fruit taste than the Cara Cara – which I agree is sweeter. It all depends upon what the consumer is desiring in fruit taste. For example, from blind taste tests we know the Cara Cara is very popular among asian palettes but the Washington is more popular among persons of European decent. I too enjoy the Washington. The Robertson is a sport of Washington that appeared on Mr. Robertson’s tree in Redlands CA next door to my grandfather’s house. It bears in clusters rather than random blossoms. I visited this tree many times as a child.

I would agree with that, Richard. I love sweet citrus, which is why I have so many mandarins in my orchard. I love the sweetness of the Cara Cara. And, I can see why you’d grow Robertson, that is a cool memory.