Honeybell Tangelos

Anyone growing the real deal?

I’ll answer that with a yes, although it’s not like I’ve had genetic samples taken in case anyone questioned whether or not it was real.

Why do you ask?

I am seeking true Honeybells. So far I have only encountered sellers who equivocate Minneola with Honeybell. Who was your supplier?

Ah, I understand. California has lots of citrus, but Honeybells, and Minneolas in general, are more of a Florida “thing”. Growers there know the difference. The problem is that so many have pulled out of supplying to out of state because of the expense of growing and maintaining the trees under the quarantine restrictions.

Mine came from Stan McKenzie of McKenzie farms here in SC. I picked it up in person. We have an advantage of not being in a quarantine area. That’s probably because we are outside the region where citrus is a viable commercial crop.

By the way, before I replied to your first question, I went out with a flashlight to make sure it was a Honeybell and not a Sugarbell. That’s my next purchase. :smile:

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If I could grow honeybells I would. I put in my order for them every year for New Years Eve! They are the very best orange. (Always from florida).

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Boy, not sure we have the real Honeybell here in California, Richard. Let me do some checking. Muddy, Minneolas are all over the place here in S. California, but the “real” Honeybell, is a “Florida thing”. I have about 80 different citrus cultivars, and have never been able to acquire Honeybell.

As of a few years ago it wasn’t on Durlings stock list.

I know, which is too bad. Durling has been great about having some of the more unusual cultivars (like Valentine pummelo hybrid). Same with Clausen’s, when everything had to go under screen, Clausen’s had to stop budding. Such a shame. Have to check CCPP and see if they are offering budwood and differentiating Minneola from Honeybell. I don’t think they do.

Patty S.

Wow! If neither one of you two have been able to find one, it really must be very difficult to find there where you have such a vast variety of plants available. I never expected anything I bought within a reasonable distance from home would be challenging to obtain there.

This is my first year with this one. I was happy that it actually set some fruit for me. Even though it blossomed nicely, comparative fruit set was much lower my other citrus. I suspect that’s because I don’t have any of the specifically recommended pollinators.


That seller erroneously equivocates Minneola with Honeybell.

I am thinking that if Durlings does not propagate it here then perhaps there is a cultural reason (e.g., low humidity) for not offering it.

BOOOOO not good, sorry!
How about AMAZON?

2-3 Year Old (2-3 Ft) Honeybell Tangelo Tree
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Tangelos are famous for their sweet, delicious juice. Easy to Peel.(CANNOT SHIP TO TEXAS and ARIZONA)
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2' to 2' 1/2' Tall (Not Including Root System Height) Upon Receipt, Shipped in a Black Grower's Pot for No Additional Charge except for California
Can be kept as a house plant. 3 Year Warranty! (UNAVAILABLE IN FLORIDA, TEXAS and ARIZONA)

2 new from $45.05

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That seller is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Any Citrus fruit or tree shipments from Florida to San Diego County CA will be destroyed by the USDA.

Because we’re in a quarantined state, we here in California cannot receive citrus from any other citrus state. In fact, we can’t even have citrus cross county lines at this point. I don’t think the CCPP is offering any real Honeybell budwood. Just Minneola. So, no Honeybells for us at this time. The good thing is we have SO many other really wonderful cultivars, and so many more than other areas, even other citrus states. Richard, one of my favorite tangelos is the Weikiwa. It is actually a tangelolo, and it is better than any other tangelo I’ve had. Clausen’s has them, and the trees they have are from their original 1940s/1950s Weikiwa orchard that they used to run. Love that fruit, it is really excellent.

Patty S.

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Wekiwa Tangelolo

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I have the Frost-Owari Mandarin and the Frost Gold Nugget Mandarin. I doubt the Wekiwa would be an improvement. I would prefer a true seedless Tangelo. Since oranges are genetically Mandarin x Pomelo (countless times) then perhaps I should be looking at Robinson Navel.

The Owari and Gold Nugget mandarins taste very different than Wekiwa, I don’t think I would use them as comparisons. Mandarin flavors vs Orange/tangelo (sort of) flavor. Wekiwa has a bit of a different taste than other tangelos. I’m not a fan of sour fruit, and sometimes to me, the Minneola can be just a little too “spritely”, so I don’t have a Minneola on my property. But Ray at Clausen’s had me eat a few Wikewa from their old orchard trees still on left on their growing grounds. It was really good and enough different that it warranted a spot in my little orchard. It has a hint of pommelo flavor, but not sour. I like, it, anyway :slight_smile:

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Are these frost varieties different from the regular varieties? In what way?

Howard Frost was the source of the Owari and Gold Nugget (among other citrus). Over the years his name has been dropped from the plant names.

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