Honeyberries in 9b

Hi, I was wondering if anyone successfully has grown honeyberries in northern CA, zone 9b. Please share the wisdom!

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Yes, I have.
Keep them out of too much afternoon heat or sun from June through September. The sun can cause a lot of damage to the plants and slow down growth.


6.5 hours of full sun is too much for them here in humid 7A. They still produce some fruit but they have stayed fairly small and do not thrive. Even late afternoon shade isnt quite enough. They just dont like the heat. They will defoliate in late July.

Love the fruit though. If i had a location where I could give them Summer sun from 7am-11am and cool shade the rest of the day I would plant more.

Will do, thank you! What kind of honeyberry do you have? Im just wondering if some are better then others.

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I don’t remember what I had but I had about 6 of the most popular varieties. Nothing special.

One would sometimes partially defoliate in the summer but the others just looked ragged and quit growing very much in the summer.

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I would go with the more recent University of Saskatchewan varieties. Beast, Beauty, Blizzard. They have been more robust in the heat.


Appreciate all the help! Thank you!