Honeyberry availability

I’m looking for one Blue Banana Honeyberry. Does anyone here have a plant for sale? Please let me know.


Berriesunlimited.com has some available

I would never buy from berries unlimited. All my plants from there came dead or were dying. When I contacted them they claimed the blueberry they sent was not theirs and said they dead raspberries were just stressed from summer heat. I have never been as disappointed with a nursery as berries unlimited


Stark bros has them for sale and they have a one year warranty.

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Thnk you, Im Glad to know that. I haven’t ordered from them before.

I got 4 plants (1 blue banana) from them a month ago and it arrived very healthy.

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It has been a few years since I ordered from them and surprisingly their ratings have skyrocketed. I put a order for blue banana and Giant Heart. We shall see if the same thing happens.


I’ve done four orders with Berries Unlimited and never had any problems. They can be a little “quirky” at times. The first time I did an order, they never sent the plants and mailed me a check as a refund and said that they don’t ship to Alaska. I called and asked them to reconsider and they did, and the order arrived in good condition. I’ve done a few orders since then and never had any other issues.

You have to remember it’s coming out of Arkansas and it probably gets really hot in transit in those trucks. You would be better off ordering in April or early May.

If you want that variety, call their office on Tuesday and speak to one of the ladies and see if they can personally mail it out USPS priority mail. That’s what I always do and it has worked fine for me. They may want to wait until next week Monday to mail it out so it doesn’t get stuck in transit over the weekend.

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which shipper does Berries Unlimited use?

Here’s my Stark ones. I repotted the blue banana, but left the other 3 (in the background) in the small green Stark pots for now.

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FedEx. If you want to use USPS priority you will need to call them beforehand.

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I would keep in mind it has been 2 years since I ordered from them. I don’t remember the shipper.

That would mean something if they actually responded when you told them the plants died.

Honestly I was just curious to find out if they would honor their warranty. Considering that plants can die for all sorts of reasons beyond their control it felt far fetched that they would do it.


Honestly I have found it depends on the nursery on if they honor their warranty. I bought a Cascade pear from Raintree and honestly with a email and some pictures of a scratch test I got a refund easily for example. Other nursery you have to call them multiple times if they refund you at all. Fast Growing Trees was a example of one I had to keep calling. Thing is if you get the warranty there is generally still shipping costs. Raintree refunded me for the tree but not the shipping cost for example. In regards to Stark Bros not answering emails I have found they readily answer their phones. I have a tree I think is dead from Stark Bros but have not tried to activate the warranty.

Thanks for your reply. Blue Banana is out of stock at Stark Brothers. Hopefully it may come in this fall. I would like to plant now. I’m waiting for an email response from Berries Unlimited re: cost of one plant and shipping.

Thanks so much for your info. If I don’t receive an email response from Berries Unlimited by Tuesday I will call them.

I wanted to test their customer service. Long story short they failed. An online retailer that can’t figure out how to stay on top of emails needs to find a different line of business.

Heck this year I had an order with Great Lakes Hops that got screwy; they mangled the shipping address and the post office bounced it back. I was impressed by how quickly GLH respond to all forms of communication. I emailed them, they prompted responded via text message to my cell phone and in no time had another order ready to ship.


I have has plenty of businesses either not answer the phone or not answer emails. Right now everyone is understaffed

Thank you for passing on that tip. I checked with Berries Unlimited and they are VERY expensive. With shipping cost they would be almost $50 for one plant. I can’t justify that cost.

I got bare root honeyberries from HoneyberryUSA along with other things and the complete order cost me $25 in shipping in April. The one that came in a little pot didn’t look much, but the bare root ones even bloomed but didn’t set fruit after planting them. They do’t carry the Blue Banana though.
Maybe you can take a vacation to Arkansas and buy in person to save shipping.

For larger orders that have over 100 dollars in shipping, going freight in a big truck might be cheaper. It saved me $80 over FedEx or USPS on a package recently.